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International Mail Services to Italy

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Looking to get your mail to Italy? We’ve got you covered

The Italian economy has suffered some setbacks in recent months with some political unrest, but this was somewhat stabilised towards the end of 2016. Despite a weaker economy than other countries within Europe, Italy still has a population of around 60 million, making it a large hub worth tapping into.

English is listed as the main foreign language in Italy, with around 34% of the country being able to speak it. Alongside this, Italy is centrally placed in both Europe and the wider world, leaving it perfectly positioned as a trading route.

Below we have listed out common facts associated with mail and international mail inside Italy.

Facts about mail in Italy

The list below contains some facts about the postal service in Italy itself:

  • The Italian postal service – the name of the Italian postal service is La Posta, and is regarded as an important service for Italians
  • Slow delivery times – it must be noted that Italy does not have a reputation for having the most reliable postal service around when it comes to delivery times!
  • Italian address structure – the Italian address is structured as name, street name and number, a five-digit postcode, and then locality. You can see examples of the Italian address structure here
  • Different Italian postal offerings – the majority of Italians send their post through second-class or first-class delivery, although some choose to use insured post, registered post or express mail
  • Multi-functioning postal offices – the postal offices throughout Italy also act as banks and financial services alongside their postal services

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The different international mail types for Italy

As it falls within the Europe zone for the international World Zones of mail delivery, Italy has the same delivery times as its neighbouring European counterparts. These are as follows:

  • Tracked and signed international mail delivery (please allow three to five working days)
  • Tracked international mail delivery (please allow three to five working days)
  • Standard international mail delivery (please allow three to five working days)
  • Economy international mail delivery (please allow ten to fifteen working days)

The above represents delivery of weights up to 2kg, and so the delivery times and costs may vary depending on what it is that you want to be delivered. For a more specific quote, get in touch with us at bakergoodchild.

What other services do we offer at bakergoodchild?

As well as having partners from around the world to help us deliver mail internationally, we also have a range of other services on offer at bakergoodchild too. We also:

  • Help to plan and prepare for the mail that you would like to send, offering our advice where needed
  • Print all of your mail items
  • Personalise the mail that you want to send
  • Finish the order with tasks such as folding and packing
  • Finally, we’ll deliver your mail wherever it needs to go!

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