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International Mail Services to Germany

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Despite the economic turmoil that the world has faced over recent years, Germany’s economy has remained strong and resilient. It is Europe’s most industrialised economy, and as such sits as the largest economic giant in the continent.

Germany’s business and economic ties with the other countries in Europe are clear, but its main export partners are around the world, including the United States and China.

With a population of over 80 million and English being one of the main languages, Germany is firmly placed as a country worth trading with. International mail, particularly direct mail, is just one such way that businesses from around the world can make use of this vibrant and growing economy.

Facts about mail in Germany

Here are some facts about mail in Germany:

  • Address structure – If sending letters to Germany, note that the house number comes after the name of the street, and the postcode is placed before the city name. It is also commonplace to leave a space between the street name and the postcode and city information
  • Street names – ‘Street’ in Germany is commonly written as Str. or Straße
  • Mail delivery – 95% of letters are delivered in one day, and 99% of mail letters are delivered in two days
  • Email restrictions – International mail is particularly useful in Germany, as promotional emails require the direct consent of German citizens

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International mail types for Germany

With Germany being just on the UK’s doorstep, and with bakergoodchild having great relationships with many of the country’s leading mail providers, we are well placed to get your international mail to Germany safely and quickly. The types of international mail and estimated delivery times are listed below:

  • International economy mail (10 – 15 working days)
  • International standard mail (three – five working days)
  • International tracked mail (three – five working days)
  • International tracked and signed mail (three – five working days)

These estimated delivery times listed above, and the prices, will vary according to your needs. Should you be interested in international mail services to Germany, please get a quote from us here at bakergoodchild.

A complete international mail service from bakergoodchild

Here at bakergoodchild, we place ourselves as a complete international mail service, helping with everything from the initial planning of your project to the delivery itself.

We have expertise in the planning of campaigns, the folding and packing of mail, personalised marketing campaigns, the printing and, of course, mailing and delivery.

By placing ourselves as an all-round mailing service, we’ve delivered hundreds of thousands of items all over the globe, helping hundreds of businesses to complete successful campaigns. And we can help your business too!

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