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bakergoodchild Copyright Statement

Baker Goodchild has created this website for the benefit of our partners and customers. The aim is to provide an informative and educational website relating to the direct mail and print management industry. We take content writing seriously and content creation takes much time and effort. As a business we therefore protect copyright vigorously for all content published at

Baker Goodchild has documented our approach to copyright protection in this copyright statement with an aim that there are no areas of ambiguity. Please read this statement and accept all of its requirements prior to reusing any content found on this website.

bakergoodchild copyright ownership

Baker Goodchild asserts that we are the exclusive copyright owner and holder for all content published on (except in cases where a copyright accreditation is indicated. Ownership of copyright extends to all areas of content, not just text but also for images, source code, video, photography and audio clips.

Baker Goodchild does not permit the reuse of our content for commercial purposes. Reuse intends to include entire pages, partial page use, quotations and also modifications and adaptations. We will particularly defend our content against scraping attacks and the wide-scale reuse of our content across a family of third party websites.

Personal use of bakergoodchild content

Baker Goodchild realises the value of our content, particularly from a research perspective and openly welcomes students and other interested parties to use our website for research reasons. Baker Goodchild is willing for website content to be used for personal reasons; this can include downloading content for later use (e.g. to a disk or computer device, etc.) Printing of content for personal use is also allowed.

Backlinks and social media sharing

Baker Goodchild would be delighted wherever our content is shared via social media sites, and also where our pages are linked to. We especially value backlinks; these are valuable in our site SEO and also bring additional visitors to our website.

Making an enquiry to reuse bakerGoodchild content

For Baker Goodchild content reuse other than for personal reasons please contact us at the following address for your request to receive consideration:

6 – 7 Windsor Industrial Estate
Rupert Street
B7 4PR
United Kingdom

Alternatively please complete the contact form here explaining how you would plan to use the content. We will endeavour to answer content use requests within 72 hours. We reserve our right to decline requests for copyright content re-use and do not have to state a reason for the rejection.

bakergoodchild has the right to take legal action for proven copyright infringements

As previously stated, significant effort is required to prepare the content on the Baker Goodchild website. Therefore, in cases where it is apparent that copyright has clearly been infringed, Baker Goodchild reserves the right to potentially take legal action over copyright infringement.

Baker Goodchild will always seek to provide an amicable non-legal solution first. We will attempt to make contact with third parties to discuss copyright infringements. Our initial approach would be to send an e-mail or complete a contact form, requesting that the copyrighted content is either removed in its entirety or sufficiently modified so that it appears to be unique. We ask the content is removed from websites in particular but also from any other publication forms the content has been used in. Baker Goodchild will take no further action in cases where the content is removed in a reasonable time period.

Sadly, in cases where our communication is ignored or our request is refused, Baker Goodchild reserves the right to take further legal action without further notice.

What to do if you view bakergoodchild content on other sites

If you believe you have seen Baker Goodchild content, which has directly been copied to another website please do let us know. In some cases our content is re-published on other sites (but not “word for word” copied) as part of our promotional efforts.

Even if the website page has a link back to Baker Goodchild we really would appreciate you letting us know. We will then review the web page for potential plagiarism and take any required action, where it is appropriate.

Contacting bakergoodchild about copyright issues

Baker Goodchild regularly publishes content through our blogs, guides, infographics and our core site content. We work hard to ensure the quality, accuracy and relevancy of all content produced. In rare circumstances it may appear that Baker Goodchild has potentially breached the copyright of a third party website. If you believe we may have breached your copyright please contact us here. Baker Goodchild will treat any copyright breach as a matter of urgency and will resolve any issue as quickly as possible.

For everyone that has read through this Copyright Statement we really appreciate your time and effort, if you have any further clarifications about this statement please call us on 0800 612 1972 to discuss further.

This Copyright Statement was last revised on 14th June, 2016.