Transactional Mail & Business Mail services

Transactional mail arises wherever there is an opportunity to complete a transaction with a customer.

Business mail is an essential part of your customer communication strategies, particularly when you think of the hundreds of emails an individual received versus the significantly lower amount of physical mail. That said, when employing multi-channel transactional mail communications the response and engagement rates are significantly increased.

At bakergoodchild, we provide high-quality, secure communication solutions for the production of both mono and full colour Transactional Mail output, as well as a host of multi-channel solutions to provide communications to your customers using the medium of their choice.

The Transactional Mail Process

There are many different elements involved with transactional printing, mailing and emailing. As a customer of bakergoodchild we can manage your business critical mail requirements end-to-end:

  • Design, copywriting and print
  • Database processing and personalisation
  • Variable Digital Print
  • Secure document enclosing and Postage
  • Email and SMS messaging

Multi-channel Solutions

Multi-channel solutions are all about choice. People want to be communicated with via their medium of choice be it traditional letters and bills, email, text or online.

For our transactional clients we offer channel choice, coupled with the detailed insight behind it to ensure all their customer communications are effective and secure. Online portals, printed bills, email or SMS notifications, with bakergoodchild you can manage all your omnichannel customer communications through one supplier minimising cost and disruption.

We take the hassle and stress out of all your transactional mail and business email requirements and remove the need for multiple suppliers and different hardware and software.

Using Transactional Mail as a Marketing Opportunity

Transactional Mail and Business Mail are not only opportunities to answer an action taken by the customer they also present other opportunities to engage with your customer base:

  • Building Trust – Customers feel safe when a company provides useful and timely information. 
  • Customer Engagement – The nature of business mail is one-on-one, and when done well with elements of personalisation can make a customer feel special, and can lead to increased engagement.
  • Upsell & Additional Sales – When customers see photos and descriptions of their recent purchase alongside ads for similar products or related products that can incite a desire to purchase.

What is Transactional Mail?

Transactional mail is mail that is sent out to complete a transaction with a customer. It is mail that is sent to one individual, rather than a large amount of recipients on a mailing list.

A common example of transactional mail is mail that is sent to a customer after they have purchased an item. This piece of transactional mail will include confirmation of purchase, the amount paid, what the item is and when the customer can expect delivery.

We regularly process a wide variety of transactional print and business mail including:

  • Financial statements, arrears, invoices
  • Banking documents
  • Insurance renewals
  • Bills
  • Pension statements
  • Council tax bills including Business Rates
  • Transactional Data Processing & Management

Examples of Transactional Mail

There are a wide range of transactional mail applications and services we can provide here at bakergoodchild:

Account information changes confirmation

Debt collection letters

Order acknowledgements and receipts

Renewal notices & confirmations


Terms & conditions changes

Thank you messages

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