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The production and distribution of our clients’ print, direct mail and transactional products are at the heart of bakergoodchild.

We have extensive direct mail experience – from design, print, personalisation, list cleansing, database management, fulfilment through to postage and postage discounts, we can offer the complete package.

As an experienced direct mailing house, we can advise you on all the best practice and the most cost effective, most profitable ways to implement your customer communication strategies. Personalised direct mail, on different materials and different weights of stock, using a broad range of creative mailing formats, for any quantity whether to a handful of key prospects or a mass mailing to your whole database. We can provide the solution when it comes to managing your direct mail campaigns.

We will help you build the perfect direct mail campaign, delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time, every time.

RightTrack™, developed in-house at bakergoodchild, is one of the first systems of its kind to provide full visibility and auditability of mail throughout the data, print, production and delivery lifecycle, as well as automatically triggering additional personalised communications, such as SMS or email.

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is a form of marketing that involves sending a physical piece of promotional material through the mail. It is all the communications that your business may send to your customers like promotional mailers, advertising campaigns, transactional mail or catalogues and brochures.

Direct Mail Costs

Direct mail is often seen as expensive, and in comparison to some digital advertising tactics the costs associated can be higher. However, when you consider the traditionally higher response rates associated with direct mail campaigns and the effect it can have on driving online activity, these costs offer a much increased ROI.

Additionally, there are formats that can save you money as well as various postage discounts associated with advertising direct mail that can reduce your cost per contact, or impression costs, in line with digital activity.

As a customer of bakergoodchild you benefit from cost efficiencies on and direct mail print and postage because of the high volumes we produce in-house. We pass those savings directly onto you.

Types of Direct Mail

Direct mail formats vary considerable from that need to be carefully considered for each mailing as some will work better than others depending upon the goals of the campaign. Formats available include brochures, catalogues, letters, magazines, postcards, and many more. Some formats will cost more than others, so format selection is important when determining campaign costs and potential ROI.

Advantages of Direct Mail?

Direct mail has a wide range of advantages, not least:


Each piece of direct mail can contain personalised and targeted messages. You can utilise insights from your database, like previous purchases, to craft a message that is specific to that person, designed to appeal to that person specifically. Thus, increasing your likely response rate.

Range of formats

Direct mail print allows for a wide variety of formats. From postcards to leaflets, to catalogues and magazines, from one-piece mailers to die cut shapes – your mailer can be whatever you want it to be. There is no limitation on colour use, paper quality or mail format.


Receiving a physical piece of mail in the post means the chances of that individual receiving the message are significantly higher than the statistics associate with online only activity. And there are many studies to show that direct mail is a key driver for online activity.

Easily measured

Direct mail can be easily measured and reported on. Each piece of direct mail can contain a personalised traceable code that customers can redeem upon the purchase, or QR code that can be easily tracked. This means that results can be easily collected, and the success of your direct mail campaigns tracked.


Contrary to what many say, direct mail can be incredibly cost-effective, particularly when you take into account larger, mass mailers. Royal Mail run a number of postage incentives throughout the year which can offer hefty discounts. And intiatives like partially addressed mail can also significantly reduce your cost base.


At bakergoodchild, we pride ourselves on being the innovative communications partner of choice. When you combine forward-thinking individuals with the best technology, amazing things can happen. Click the button below to see our current plant list.

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