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By using bakergoodchild to help with your Direct Mail we will help you deliver campaigns faster and often at a much lower price than your in-house cost.

Team that with our no fuss service, our best in class kit and our experienced team we can help you send the perfect direct mail campaign, everytime.



Our direct mail services are a blend of driven and experienced people utilising the latest software and mailing technology. We feel this provides an exceptional service, but don’t just take our word for it… put us to the test! 

Choose from a range of integrated solutions to create the perfect direct mail campaign for your business.

  • Mail Fulfilment (Hand and fully automated)
  • Postage (Maximise savings with no impact on delivery)
  • Print (Digital and Litho)
  • Personalisation
  • Data Cleansing & Management
  • Creative & Graphic design
  • Returns Management

bakergoodchild can manage the entire direct mail process for you, including printing, mailing fulfilment, personalisation, data cleansing & management, and reduced postage costs

However large your direct mail campaign is please contact us, bakergoodchild will have the right solution for you.

Please call us today on 0800 612 1972 to discuss your next print, mail & post campaigns.


Data management is critical to the success of any direct mail campaign. Here at bakergoodchild we have a dedicated and experienced data processing team that will ensure data is optimised to improve campaign success rates and metrics. Use our data management service to improve ROI, reduce customer complaints, and reduce wastage from inaccurate mailings.


Data management is all about treating data responsibly and professionally engaging with your target audience. Here are some of the ways we manage data:

  • Goneaway suppression – Checking and removal of records where they have moved from their address
  • Duplication removal – Various checks to ensure that duplicated records are removed
  • PAF verification – Checking for data accuracy with the Post Office Address File
  • Death register check – Checking with the Death Register to ensure that records are not recently deceased
  • Preference services – Checking opt-out subscribers with FPS, MPS and TPS
  • Data enhancement – Adding extra fields to enhance information, perhaps from other databases and/or data sources
  • Mailing list preparation – We supply your final database back to you cleansed and ready to use


Creativity is essential to communicating with impact and we are experts in the nuances of direct mail; the small details that can make all the difference when you’re looking to drive a response. Our Design services enable us to offer a true ‘one stop shop’ service so we can take the hassle out of designing your direct mail campaigns


It’s not just about creative design looking great. It is about understanding how a customer will hold the mailer and how they first see it when it arrives on their doormat, where the eye first looks. We craft and present your message and communications in a way that makes sense to your audience, in a way that is easy to digest and understand.


We design it so key information like Calls To Action stand out in the right way and we always have your end objective in mind. Every communication you send to a customer is an opportunity to engage with them, to connect with them, to drive a response.


Whether as part of your mailing campaign or as a stand-alone print job, bakergoodchild will either print in-house or source from the best possible trusted specialist suppliers. We print letterheads, postcards, brochures, envelopes, catalogues, stickers, magazines and more for our customers, often saving money, improving quality – and taking the hassle out of the process.


We realise that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” print solution and therefore we work hard to tailor a solution specific to each customer’s individual circumstances.

Whatever the size of your print work please call bakergoodchild on 0800 612 1972 to have a discussion with one of our print experts.


Personalisation of direct mail campaigns is all about treating customers as individuals and is a major part of why direct mail campaigns have returned to prominence in recent years. bakergoodchild delivers highly personalised campaigns which improve customer engagement, help to build a brand, and ultimately improve ROI and response rates.


No two personalised direct mail campaigns are the same, it’s important for us to liaise with you to create the perfect solution for your mailing. There are many ways you can use personalisation to better engage with your customers and prospective customers:

  • Variable designs
  • Variable images
  • Fonts and text
  • Email and phone contact details
  • Variable offers and personalised URLs

We can even use information from your e-commerce systems to send abandoned shopping cart reminders, add images of products viewed to mailings, up-sell and cross-sell as well as local information (e.g. local store address and opening times).


Our objective at bakergoodchild is to offer a high speed mailing solution to meet every client’s needs.  The main part of our offering is direct mail fulfilment, we can manage the process from end to end or you can choose the elements of the service which meet your needs best.


Wherever possible we automate the process but sometimes we also need to complete manually by hand as part of the process:

  • Preparation – this includes collection of data, acquiring stationery stocks and printed materials, etc.
  • Automated collation – the insertion of multiple inserts into the direct mail run
  • Automated folding – folds are inserted automatically in the required places
  • Automated envelope closing – the envelope is automatically closed when the contents have been inserted
  • Automated polywrapping and poly processing – with the supply of a range of biodegradable polywrap products where required in campaigns
  • Distribution – bundling, package into boxes and arranging final distribution


Postal costs are often the largest cost in a mailing project, which is why we work with tried and tested postal carriers to achieve the best possible postage rates for our clients. We send huge volumes of mail on a daily basis which gives us access to great postage discounts and incentives.


We pride ourselves on our detailed postage knowledge and experience and we can help you gain significant postage cost savings with small tweaks like:




  • Slight Design amends to achieve machine readable discounts
  • Changing content to achieve Advertising Mail discounts
  • Changing paper stock to achieve Environmental discounts
  • Suggesting alternative dispatch dates to avoid postage price increases
  • Changing a mail piece size or format to allow it to fall into the most cost-effective weight and format bracket


Mail can be returned for a variety of reasons e.g mover’s, Gone-Away’s, deceased. Returns management can often be time consuming and difficult for businesses to manage alone.  We offer fast and accurate return’s management services to help maintain an accurate database and to reduce your ongoing postage costs. By tracking returns you gain crucial information that can be used to benefit  future campaigns and communication.


At bakergoodchild we track and manage returns so you can:

  • Improve the quality of your data
  • Save Money on print, fulfilment, packaging & postage
  • Improve your response rates and ROI of future campaigns
  • Reduce waste and minimise your environmental impact


At bakergoodchild, we pride ourselves on our in-house kit and capabilities. When you combine forward-thinking individuals with the best technology, amazing things can happen. Click the button below to see our current plant list.

Call us today on 0800 612 1972

Advantages of Direct Mail?

Direct mail has a wide range of advantages, not least:


Each piece of direct mail can contain personalised and targeted messages. You can utilise insights from your database, like previous purchases, to craft a message that is specific to that person, designed to appeal to that person specifically. Thus, increasing your likely response rate.

Range of formats

Direct mail print allows for a wide variety of formats. From postcards to leaflets, to catalogues and magazines, from one-piece mailers to die cut shapes – your mailer can be whatever you want it to be. There is no limitation on colour use, paper quality or mail format.


Receiving a physical piece of mail in the post means the chances of that individual receiving the message are significantly higher than the statistics associate with online only activity. And there are many studies to show that direct mail is a key driver for online activity.

Easily measured

Direct mail can be easily measured and reported on. Each piece of direct mail can contain a personalised traceable code that customers can redeem upon the purchase, or a QR code that can be easily tracked. This means that results can be easily collected, and the success of your direct mail campaigns tracked.


Contrary to what many say, direct mail can be incredibly cost-effective, particularly when you take into account larger, mass mailers. We can attract a number of postage incentives throughout the year (from postal carriers) which can offer hefty discounts. And initiatives like partially addressed mail can also significantly reduce your cost per pack.


What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is a form of marketing that involves sending a physical piece of promotional material through the mail. It is all the communications that your business may send to your customers like promotional mailers, advertising campaigns, transactional mail or catalogues and brochures.

What Does Direct Mail Cost?

Direct mail is often seen as expensive, and in comparison to some digital advertising tactics the costs associated can be higher. However, when you consider the traditionally higher response rates associated with direct mail campaigns and the effect it can have on driving online activity, these costs offer a much increased ROI.

Additionally, there are formats that can save you money as well as various postage discounts associated with advertising direct mail that can reduce your cost per contact, or impression costs, in line with digital activity.

As a customer of bakergoodchild you benefit from cost efficiencies on and direct mail print and postage because of the high volumes we produce in-house. We pass those savings directly onto you.


At bakergoodchild, we pride ourselves on being the innovative communications partner of choice. When you combine forward-thinking individuals with the best technology, amazing things can happen. Click the button below to see our current plant list.


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