UK & International Postage

bakergoodchild access the full UK & International postal market from Royal Mail & DSA to International Consolidators & Direct Entry to ensure the best possible service & value.

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    • Mailsort – We pre-sort your mail so that the Royal Mail don’t have to. This service alone can save up to 50% off the price of stamp, or 30% off franking rates. Other discounts can also be applied on top, as presented below.
    • Mailmark – The new service from Royal Mail, offering the cheapest rates and highest quality, utilizing 2D barcode technology. bakergoodchild is one of the first fully accredited mailing houses in UK. Click here to find out more.
    • Advertising Mail – If you are mailing marketing or advertising materials, your mail may well qualify for a further discount (both UK and internationally). Please call us for more information on 0800 612 1972.
    • Sustainable Mail – We at bakergoodchild, take the environmental impact of mail very seriously and by using only degradable, recycled or sustainable materials, we can access further discounts for our customers.
    • Downstream Access – The postal market, having been de-regulated has healthy competition in the form of downstream access from the likes of Whistl, Secured Mail, Citipost and others. We compare each option, including Royal Mail, to find the most cost effective solution.
    • International Mail – The savings available on international mail are potentially huge.  We access local postal markets directly (Direct Entry) and use mail consolidators to access the full range of options available in the worldwide market. 






Maximise your budget by saving costs on UK & International postage with bakergoodchild

  • If you are looking to improve service quality, reliability & costs on postage, bakergoodchild are best placed. Providing UK & International mailing services our experts can provide a tailored service to meet your precise requirements. We are already providing this service to hundreds of happy clients – we can help you too.
  • bakergoodchild is a leading, mailing Company operating from the historic jewellery quarter in Birmingham, the heart of the UK. We keep abreast of the latest developments in the mailing industry to maximise the available savings we can provide to our clients.
  • Whatever your campaign you can rely on bakergoodchild to deliver items such as annual reports, catalogues, digital disks, direct mail, letters, newsletters, postcards, press releases, etc. Call us today on 0800 612 1972 to discuss your campaign.
Parcels and packets

Rely on bakergoodchild to store and distribute your bulk mailings both in the UK and internationally. We have existing contracts with UK and international carriers to ensure the cost effective and speedy distribution of your parcels and packets. Trust bakergoodchild to deliver on time to any destination in the word.

UK Postage
We have supply contracts with every key UK postal carrier, and can pass our bulk savings on to our clients. Through these contracts we can provide a highly tailored and effective solution to meet your needs. We can arrange for example a Royal Mail delivery, to the exact same Royal Mail standards but at a significantly reduced cost.

International Postage
As well as domestic, we also offer a great international bulk mailing service through established carriers offering “tried and tested” mailing routes. We have a flexible range of packages and offer economy, standard and priority level of services – so you only pay for the level of urgency actually needed. For convenience we can collect the mailing from your address or we can print and distribute it directly.

Call bakergoodchild on 0800 612 1972 to discuss
the requirements for your next direct mail campaign.