Hybrid Mail Services

Do you print and mail hundreds, or thousands of business letters or postcards in-house or maybe through a traditional mailing house?

Do you still need to connect with customers and print business critical documents when your staff are working from home? Have you checked lately if your print, mail or postage costs could be reduced, or if the quality could & should be improved?
Do you want to save time & money by making the mail process simpler & more efficient?

Let us introduce you to Hybrid Mail

What is Hybrid Mail

In very simple terms Hybrid Mail allows you to send letters to any postal address via the bakergoodchild Hybrid Mail portal. Our Hybrid Mail service is easy to use, secure and supported by our experienced and dedicated team. Simply upload your document and data list, press send, and we’ll print, fulfil and post your items.
You can even use this service to deliver email communications.

Whether you have a daily, weekly or ad hoc need, we have an adaptable solution to meet your requirements. Our Hybrid Mail solution is quick to setup and simple to use meaning you can send personalised mail to your customers at the click of a button.

How does Hybrid Mail Work?

Step 1: Create your document using Microsoft Word or your chosen software

Step 2: Choose Print and select the bakergoodchild print driver

Step 3: Choose your print and postage preferences

Step 4: Check an online proof and submit for printing and mailing

Alternatively you have the option of uploading a batch data file or mail merged documents.

Your hybrid mailing can post the same day regardless of whether you send one letter or thousands. It is simple to use, no training required, no software to download and has flexible and secure access from anywhere using our cloud-based service.

What are the advantages of Hybrid Mail?

For companies that are looking to streamline and improve efficiencies, our Hybrid Mail solution offers exactly that. The number of letters you need to send each day might fluctuate, seasonal demands and consumer preference between print and digital constantly change: making mailing costs and resources difficult to control. What teams need today, are web-based ‘access from anywhere’ technology.


  • Cost savings – these can be achieved through savings on print and postage overheads and even the cost of envelopes and stamps or franking.
  • Electronic document delivery made easy and can work in tandem with your mailings.
  • Time savings – Your savings aren’t just kept to your consumables; you’ll also save on the physical time it currently takes your staff to complete mailings.
  • Simple to use – you should see no disruption to your current operations and no need for training – it really is that simple.
  • Regain control over your outbound printed communications.
  • The security of your data, artwork & copy is ensured & guaranteed.
  • You can access and setup to send your businesses mail from anywhere in the world…wherever you happen to be.
  • Telephone or Online Support (whichever you prefer) is only ever a moment away, by a dedicated Customer Experience Manager.

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