Database Analytics, insight & Management Services

It is no secret that data is the key element in any type of customer communication, and your strongest asset when sending any business or transactional mailings.

Accurate, reliable, and up-to-date data enables you to make well-informed business decisions. And when engagement, response rates and return on investment are your objectives then having a validated, and profiled database is vital.

bakergoodchild can help you identify and understand who your customers are and help you to develop cost effective and compelling marketing strategies that get the most out of your data.

Direct Mail Database Management, Processing & Analytics

bakergoodchild recognises the importance of data security and have procedures and controls in place to allow us to process highly sensitive personal data securely and responsibly.

We have an industry compliant SFTP servers to which data can be securely uploaded over an encrypted connection to ensure data confidentiality at all times:


  • ISO 27001 accredited
  • Full GDPR Compliance
  • ICO Registered
  • Encrypted Data Transfer
  • Strict Permissions Based Access
  • Extensive Staff Training

Direct Mail Database Insight Service

What excites us at bakergoodchild is there is always an opportunity to gain insight into your customers and to improve your database. We look at your data for trends, for ways we can target and personalise your direct mail and direct marketing campaigns. These database insights allow us to vary your message from customer to customer, from the text itself to every aspect of your customer communications.

What is Direct Mail
Database Management?

Direct Mail Database Management refers to the management, organisation, security, storage and retrieval of data, throughout it’s entire lifecycle. Our Data Processing team can manage all your database requirements to make your direct marketing campaigns more efficient and more effective. Our Data Health Checks include a variety of data validation and verification reports, data cleansing and compression, data insight and affixation services.

Whether you need to cross-match between several databases, merge and purge records or produce transactional documents, we can take care of everything for you.

What is Data Capture?

Data Capture is generally the action or process of collecting information which will be processed and used later to fulfill certain purposes. The ways of capturing data can be electronic and automated, or handwritten forms.

For businesses and marketing strategies the aim should be to deliver high quality customer data, allowing for a better understanding of your customers in order to enhance your relationship with them and drive more sales.

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