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International Mail Services to Poland

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Looking to get mail over to Poland? Here’s all the important information that you’ll need

The Polish economy struggled for much of 2016, but towards the end of the year it noticed increased industrial production, the picking up of retail sales, a multi-year low for unemployment levels and a general stabilising throughout the economy.

With a population of just under 39 million, it remains a smaller country than some, but it is one of the largest economies of the new members of the EU states, and its economy grew at 3.3% above the EU average during 2014.

Alongside this, English is considered the main foreign language in Poland, and conducting business within Poland is very similar to conducting business within the UK; making it a key export and import partner for the UK.

Direct marketing, including direct mail, is an accepted form of marketing throughout Poland, and more than 70% of Polish businesses make use of this for their own business enterprises. We’ve explained more below on how you can make use of international mail services to Poland.

Facts about mail in Poland

The below lists some facts about mail in Poland:

  • Poczta Polska – the postal service in Poland is called Poczta Polska, a state-run postal administration
  • Other services – Poczta Polska offers additional services alongside mailing, including banking, logistics and insurance services
  • Modern – in 2015 the postal system was made more modern and efficient with more high-tech machinery that can sort through letters quickly and reliably
  • Number of deliveries – almost two billion deliveries are made each year
  • Number of post offices – there are around 8,300 post offices in Poland, turning over an annual revenue of 6.7 billion PLN

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Types of international mail services to Poland

As Poland is within Europe, it enjoys quick delivery times. Below is a guide to the delivery times that you can expect when sending letters or parcels from the UK to Poland. This, however, may vary, so please get in contact with us today for more information on delivery times and the costs of doing so.

  • International mail service – economy – (10-15 working days)
  • International mail service – standard – (three to five working days)
  • International mail service – tracked – (three to five working days)
  • International mail service – tracked & signed – (three to five working days)

Bakergoodchild are a complete, all-round mailing service

As well as being a great international mail service, bakergoodchild can also help you in the following areas:

  • Preparation & planning – we can help you with the beginning of your campaign
  • Printing – we can print everything ready to ship
  • Mail fulfilment – we can automate tasks so that the packing, folding, poly-wrapping etc. is completed quickly and efficiently
  • Personalisation – we can make sure your customers feel special with an added personal touch

Mailing Poland with bakergoodchild

We have been a Mailing House specialist since 1995, so we know all that there is to know about international mail services. If you were looking to send mail to Poland, then get in touch with us on 0800 612 1972 if you wanted to discuss any of our services further.

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