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International Mail Services to France

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Parlez-vous Français?? – Mailing France

France has the sixth largest economy in the world, with strong links to EU countries the UK is France’s fifth largest trading partner and even post-Brexit is likely to enjoy strong trading relations.

Like the UK, France is a multi-cultural country with a population of 67 million and major cities including Bordeaux, Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice and Toulouse. With all cities and provinces being easily accessible to the UK, a mail campaign might be just the remedy to boost business revenues.

Being neighbours to the UK, with a strong ex-pat community and hundreds of years trading history there are many reasons for UK exporters to explore the potential of the French market. International mail (direct mail in particular) is an exciting way to open up the opportunities to the French market.

Built in 1806 the Arc de Triomphe, Paris is a French cultural highlight

Facts about mail in France

Here are some facts about mail in France:

  • Capitalised surnames – Mail to France should use CAPITAL letters for surnames.
  • Marketing mail – At 459 per household per year, France has the 2nd highest amount of marketing mail per household of all European countries
  • National mail company – La Poste are the state-owned national mail company of France
  • Postcode structure – Each postcode in France is 5 digits in length, (e.g. Notre Dame is 75004):
    • Digits 1-2 identify the département
    • Digits 3-5 identify the commune or in larger cities the arrondissement.

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International mail types to France

Rely on Baker Goodchild for international mailing to France. Due to proximity French mailings are quick and we use a range of mail providers to give you the best service and value for money:

  • Economy mail service (may take up to two weeks – Western Europe zone)
  • Standard mail service (between three and five working days)
  • Tracked mail service (between three and five working days)
  • Signed for service (between three and five working days)

There are a range of criteria to consider when calculating the mailing cost, these can include the shape/size, urgency of delivery, whether a signature is required, weight, etc. Call our Mailing Consultants now on 0800 612 1972 and we can supply a tailored quotation for your needs.

Baker Goodchild a complete international mail fulfilment service

Baker Goodchild is a specialist UK-based international mailing house with significant expertise of the entire lifecycle from concept to delivery. Work with us on whichever aspects of the mail cycle you choose including:

  • Preparation – Assistance with project planning, preparatory tasks and taking some of the strain out of the process through our decades of experience
  • Mail fulfilment – We can manage the entire mail fulfilment process which generally automates tasks such as folding, collation, polywrapping and packing, etc. On occasions though we also will manually fulfil a campaign
  • Personalised marketing – Mail campaigns work best with a marketing touch. We can help with data cleansing/normalisation as well as recommend personalisation techniques including variable data printing
  • Print – We are print specialists with many in-house printers which will meet the demands of most jobs, on occasions we can outsource for jobs with specialist print requirements
  • Mailing – Leave the mailing to us, we can sort the mail into French postcode order, plan the date of delivery and save you money through our postal costs consultancy

Mailing France with Baker Goodchild

Are you interested in finding a provider for bulk international mailing services to France? Then why not contact Baker Goodchild, a Birmingham UK-based mailing house you can rely on to fulfil all your needs when mailing from the UK to France.

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