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International Mail Services to Australia

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Australia open for international mail

It may surprise some to learn that the Australian economy is the 12th largest in the world. With the UK representing the 7th largest trading partner of Australia, the statistical proof is there that the distance separating the two countries is no barrier to business.

With a rapidly growing population of 24+ million and major cities like Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, Australia is a place UK businesses desire to export to.

With a common language, many ancestral and cultural links (e.g. TV programmes, cricket and rugby), Australia treats the UK export market with warmth and (often) plenty of banter! With Australians saying direct mail is more likely to lead to a purchasing decision than either e-mail marketing or tele-marketing, the time is ripe to start exploring international mail options to this attractive market.

Facts about mail in Australia

Here are some facts about mail in Australia:

  • Mail volumes – Between 2008 and 2013 mail volumes dropped 5.3% per annum and will continue to fall in the future, but there is still a healthy demand for direct mail
  • Postal points – There are 10+ million postal points in Australia [1]
  • Postboxes – There are 15,000+ post boxes in Australia [1]
  • Pricing zone – Australia is in world zone 2 for mail
  • Universal price – About 2.8 million Australian postal points are rural with many in remote locations, but a universal mailing price policy operates [1]


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International mail types for Australia

Although Australia is a further distance than destinations such as the US and Canada, delivery timescales take no longer (except for economy mail). bakergoodchild has arrangements with numerous mailing providers and can provide you with the best prices for mailings to Australia:

  • International economy mail (up to twelve weeks)
  • International standard mail (up to seven days)
  • International tracked mail (up to seven days)
  • International signed for mail (up to seven days)

Call bakergoodchild to receive a custom quotation today, the final price will depend on a range of factors, which we can advise about.

bakergoodchild A-Z fulfilment service

bakergoodchild is a Mailing House and as such are experts in the complete A-Z lifecycle of mail, we can manage anything from mailing only to the entire process (including print!)

We can help planning for the project, sourcing of environmentally friendly materials and planning the optimal delivery time for your mailing to Australia. We can fulfil the project and automate many tasks such as collation and folding of inserts, closing the envelope or polywrapping where needed.

As print specialists we have access to many different printers in-house and also can sub-contract for specialist print runs. All print can be personalised with customer supplied data through variable data printing techniques.

Finally we can mail your entire mailing to Australia and using our contracts can get the very best value for money on the mailing too!

Speak to bakergoodchild about UK to Australia mailing services

Here at bakergoodchild we can help with all your requirements for mailing Australia from the UK. Whether you are looking for a one-off project or ongoing work or an unusual mailing assignment do call us on 0800 612 1972.

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