International Mail Services to the Netherlands

International Mail Services to Netherlands

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Everything you need to know about getting your international mail to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is in Western Europe and has borders with Belgium and Germany as well as three territories found in the Caribbean. Compared to many countries, the Netherlands is relatively small with a population of only 17 million.

Despite this relatively small population, it still ranks highly for many factors, including as a great country to do business with. The Netherlands is also one of the largest exporters of food and agricultural products in the world.

The Netherlands finds itself in a great location in Europe, able to easily access strong economic trading powers such as the UK, Germany and France. Below we have covered in more detail how you can make use of these strong connections, particularly when it comes to international mail opportunities.

Facts about mail in the Netherlands

Here we have listed some facts about mail in the Netherlands:

  • Postage statistics – the number of letters being sent each year is declining, although over 3 billion letters were still sent in 2015
  • PostNL – PostNL is the largest mailing company in the Netherlands, and is the most commonly used for consumer mail. However, many competitors have arisen over recent years
  • Postal points – there are around 17,000 post boxes and 2,800 post offices in the Netherlands
  • Direct marketing restrictions – there are restrictions on both direct mail and promotional email in the Netherlands. You are not allowed to send any kind of promotional email to private individuals. The rules are slightly more relaxed for direct mail, but individuals can still choose to not receive any unaddressed mail at all, so you’ll need to factor this into your international mail campaign

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International mail types for the Netherlands

The Netherlands is just a stone’s throw away from the UK, so bakergoodchild can make use of quick and easy international mail routes and partnerships. If you are looking to send international mail to the Netherlands, you can expect the following delivery times:

  • Economy international mail – can take up to two weeks
  • Standard international mail – takes between three and five working days
  • Tracked international mail – takes between three and five working days
  • Signed for international mail – takes between three and five working days

There are many factors that you must consider when sending international mail to the Netherlands, including weight, size, urgency and number of items being sent. For a more exact quote for this type of international mail, please call one of our team on 0800 612 1972.

Using bakergoodchild for your international mail services

As well as sending your international mail, we can also help with preparing the campaign, personalising it, printing it and even packaging it. We can handle the whole international mail campaign for you, hugely increasing its chances of success. For more information on how we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here.

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