The Toronto waterfront at night, a popular city in Canada

International Mail Services to Canada

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Want to get your mail across the pond? Here’s everything you need to know

In terms of figures, Canada’s economy is the 10th largest (nominal) and the 15th largest (PPP) when it is compared to the other countries of the world. As such, it is one of the wealthiest economies around.

Canada has strong economic principles, a strong economic outlook, and its open-market policies mean that trade is strong, both in and out of the country. Furthermore, its economy has been growing over the last few months. It currently has a relatively small population when compared to other large world economies, with a population of around 35 million.

Canada has sought to reduce the amount of spam emails and texts citizens receive over the last few years, and as such there has been an increased interest in the use of direct mail as an alternative. We have explained in more detail below how you can make use of international mail services to Canada.

Facts about mail in Canada

Here are some facts about mail in Canada:

  • Postal service – The primary postal service is a crown corporation known as Canada Post Corporation, or just Canada Post
  • Delivery – Canada post serves over 15 million addresses, but two-thirds of these people don’t get mail to their door. Instead, they pick it up from their local community
  • Number of deliveries – the number of letter deliveries has been declining in recent years, but Canada Post still delivers over three billion letters each year. However, it’s parcel business has been growing
  • Address structure – the Canadian address structure is as follows: the addressee, the number or name of building and street name, then the municipality, province and postal code

The Toronto waterfront at night, a popular city in Canada

International mail services on offer for Canada

Canada is in World Zone 1, and so is subject to the following international mail services:

  • International mail service – economy – can take between six and twelve weeks
  • International mail service – standard – can take between five and seven working days
  • International mail service – tracked – can take between five and seven working days
  • International mail service – tracked & signed – can take between five and seven working days

The above are rough guidelines, but these may vary depending on the quantity of what you want to send. For more exact delivery dates and a quotation, please get in contact with us here.

Other mailing services that bakergoodchild offers

Bakergoodchild offers a range of services to ensure we can help you from start to finish when it comes to your mailing campaign. As well as mailing internationally,, we can also help you with the planning, printing and personalisation of your campaign, as well automating tasks such as folding and packaging.

Getting help with your international mail services to Canada

If you are in need of one or more of the above services to send mail to Canada, then bakergoodchild is more than happy to help. Give us a call today on 0800 612 1972.

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