International Mail Services to China

Everything that you need to know about sending your mail to the Far East

China stands as one of the economic powerhouses of the world, competing with its other longstanding economic rival the United States. Many believe that China will overtake the US as the largest economy in the world by 2026.

When it comes to purchasing power parity, the International Monetary Fund already lists China as the number one economy in the world. It is not surprising then that China has a mammoth population, with around 1.357 billion citizens living over its 9.697 million km2 land.

As such, China has a huge number of businesses and potential customers that people want to reach from all over the world. One such way of doing this is through international mail services, which we have explained in more detail below.

Facts about mail in China

Below are some facts about mail in China:

  • China Post – the Chinese postal system is operated by the state-owned China Post Group Corporation, also known as China Post
  • Number of branches – there are currently over 82,000 postal branches within China and 236 mail processing centres
  • Chinese address structure – the Chinese address is structured as a direct opposite to the English way of writing – so it is written with the largest location to the smallest So, the city would come first, while the number or name of the building comes last
  • Number of annual deliveries – the Chinese postal system stands as one of the largest in the world, currently delivering over seven billion letters and 95 million parcels every single year
  • Additional services from the Chinese postal system – the postal system in China also provides additional services as well, helping with money deposits, savings and remittance

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The different types of international mail services on offer for China

China is listed as World Zone 1 when it comes to international mail delivery. With that in mind, the types of international mail services that are on offering when sending mail to China are as follows:

  • International mail – economy service – allow up to eight weeks for your items to be delivered
  • International mail – standard service – allow between five and seven working days for your items to be delivered
  • International mail – signed service – allow between five and seven working days for your items to be delivered

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How else can bakergoodchild help with international mail to China?

As well as mailing your items, here at bakergoodchild we can also:

  • Plan your international mailing campaign with you
  • Print all of your necessary items
  • Add a finishing, personal touch
  • Complete the final few tasks, such as the folding and packing of your international mail

If you have need for one or more of the above services when thinking about your international mail to China, then you can call us on 0800 612 1972.

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