What are all of the stages of a complete end to end direct mail campaign?

Jul 26, 2018 | News


Planning the direct mail campaign

Organising a Direct mail campaign involves a high level of planning and management of resources and equipment in order for the process to run smoothly. It is vital to ensure that the right employees are trained and ready to carry out the work necessary to fulfil an end to end direct mail campaign quickly and efficiently. This involves ensuring that printed resources and machinery are available for high volume campaigns to be automated, including automatically collating all inserts with ease.

Automated collation

If you’ve ever stuffed envelopes or indeed received an envelope stuffed full of inserts, you’ll understand how important it is to get it right. There is such a variety of inserts which can be added. So, if you want your customers to receive free samples whatever their size or shape we can automatically collate these to be inserted into your mail campaign so that they arrive in perfect condition. One of the secrets to this is how the mail is folded.

Easy Mail folding

We specialise in the automated folding of all sizes of mail and inserts. We use a variety of folding techniques such as concertina folding, roll folding and slit and nest compilation which enables your mail to be compactly folded into the smallest envelope. Using automated folding for bulk mail inserts ensures a consistent professional quality of all your mail inserts.

Secure Automated Envelope closing

Closing the envelope with all relevant inserts can be a very time-consuming process. Automating the envelope closing process means that whether your campaign requires window envelopes or plain, all the inserts and information will be safely and securely closed into the envelope. If your inserts are bulky you may require a gusseted envelope for further security and strength.

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Polywrapped magazines and inserts

If your mail campaign involves multiple inserts, polywrapping is a great way to keep inserts together. Polywrapping can help solve the issue of multiple inserts, bulky samples or magazines and securely wraps all your inserts in one professional pack enabling them to be held in a more visually aesthetic form.

Bulky mail inserts

Finding ways to bundle and package inserts and prepare them for direct mailing is vital if your mail campaign is to run smoothly. The entire process must ensure that each piece of mail whether a sample, a brochure or an inserted leaflet is fully packaged and inserted into boxes ready for onward despatch and mailing.


We can choose and liaise with the most appropriate mailing partner to deliver your mail. We aim not only to save you money but to provide quality and value also ensuring that your mail is carried onwards to your customers in perfect condition.

We have also summarised all of these stages in this detailed blog post.

End to end direct mail campaigns with bakergoodchild

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