Automated Polywrapping and Polyprocessing

Polywrapping is considered to be the most efficient way of enclosing brochures, books, magazines, and catalogues when they need to be mailed. Polywrapping and polyprocessing your product is more affordable and lighter as compared to use of envelopes for mailing. Automated polywrapping and polyprocessing guarantee security and speed when preparing newspapers, flyers or any other promotional material for mailing.

Benefits of Polywrapping and Polyprocessing

There are numerous benefits associated with polywrapping and polyprocessing. Polywrap is lighter in weight when compared with an envelope. This makes it more affordable as it ensures your package is not bulky.

It is a safer option for your package. This is because automated polywrapping and polyprocessing ensure that your package does not tear open during transit. Also, the product does not undergo wear and tear when in transit. It is also waterproof.

It is an effective marketing strategy. This is because polywrap is a see-through material and this ensures recipients can see what is inside the package before opening it. You can consider using colourful graphics which are catchy to the recipient’s eye. This makes them want to open the package and learn more about your business.

You can add multiple materials in one package. This ensures that you send one package with everything a client needs for one campaign.

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Types of Polywrap Available

There are numerous types available including the following:

  • Clear – these are available in different sizes from DL size to A4 size.
  • Opaque – this is a good polywrap choice if you do not need the content of your product to be visible. This is excellent when mailing sensitive material.
  • White band mail film – it is possible to print on the film, and you do not need carrier sheets. This makes it affordable.
  • Printed wraps – these can be used for advertising and draw attention to your marketing mail.

Benefits of Outsourcing Mailing Services

While you may prefer to buy the polywrap and package your advertising material yourself it is always a better idea to outsource these services.

Some benefits you stand to gain from outsourcing include:

  • Postage discounts – mailing companies will offer discounts for bulk mailing. This reduces your overall cost.
  • Save time – mailing service providers make use of automated machines which make Polywrapping easy and less time-consuming. This ensures that your mail is sent out in good time.
  • You get quality service from industry experts – this ensures that you enjoy the best advice regarding the best ways to send your mail and maximise on ROI opportunities.
  • Improves your productivity – you are left with some free time that would have been used preparing the mail. This time can be allocated to your business for maximum productivity.

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