Low-Cost Postage – Save Money with Volume Discounts

Direct mail is a highly effective marketing strategy that addresses your customers directly and personally hence offering results as expected. However, you must be cautious of your expenditure. As much as direct mail offers results, losses are inevitable if planned poorly. As such, sometimes you have to work under tight business budgets and save money with postage volume discounts. Here is how to achieve this:

Pre-sorting the mails

Pre-sorting mails save the post office time and resources they would have used to do the same. So, they reward you with low-cost postage discounts for making their work easier. The best way to sort your mail is by postal code or sorting sequences of the mailing carrier of your preference.

Ensuring address accuracy

Getting the address right saves you mailing and stationery costs. Accuracy entails writing the address in order and ensuring that all the crucial details are clear. For instance, you may state the right postal code and wrong street address. This would be costly for the post office staff because they would waste their time and resources delivering the right mail to the wrong person. It is costly for you because you would have to compile and pay postage for another mail with the right address.

Have you considered the shape of your parcel?

Conventional and regular postage letter or parcel shapes tend to be cheaper as compared to unusual shapes like hexagons, triangles, and stars. Though sometimes using unusual envelope shapes can be a good marketing strategy, unusual shapes are charged extra pro-rata. Think carefully before using unique shapes or ensure that the extra cost is within your direct mail campaign budget.

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Size has a huge role to play

The smaller the size of your parcel or letter the lower the postage cost. So, when working on a tight budget, it is essential that you write a small but efficient marketing message. However, it should not be too small; an average size is advisable. Ensure that you relay your marketing message with minimal but straightforward words.

Take the weight before visiting the post office

It is quite evident that heavier items get charged more. This applies to direct mails as well. So, for low-cost postage, make your mailings as light as you can. However, do not sacrifice the marketing message you want to get across. Have a precise marketing message that does not leave out any crucial marketing details but make sure that the weight is not above average. The lower the direct mail weight, the lower the postage cost.

Bulk mailings offer huge discounts

When you have satisfactorily accomplished those above, then you are bound to enjoy a huge bulk mail postage discount. Regularly, bulk postage discounts are offered. But when you pre-sort your bulk mail, ensure that they are light, accurate and of the right size, you get better postage discounts.

In summary, every business focuses on making profits while minimising their expenditure. Marketing gets a business known and increases sales. Hence, companies are advised to invest generously in marketing but, there comes a time when finances must be used sparingly. Hence the need to embrace low-cost postage discounts.

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