Improve Direct Mail ROI

Improving the Return on Investment (ROI) of Your Direct Mail Campaigns through Clean Data

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Could your data be costing your business hundreds, thousands or even millions of pounds each year? If you’re not using clean data, you’ll stand little chance at achieving a great ROI from your direct mail campaigns.

Here, we’ll explain the negative implications of using poor data and how it can affect your return on investment.

Reduce costs

Did you know that £18 million is wasted each year due to mailing deceased individuals? Every piece of direct mail you send out to a deceased individual or someone that has moved house is costing you money. The same goes for every duplicate piece of direct mail you send out and every person you continue to after they have opted out of receiving your mailings.

Through a process of data cleaning, you can condense your mailing list and ensure you are only targeting people who are 1) living 2) residing at the same address and 3) want to receive your mail. Data cleansing will remove duplicate contents from your list and check that people’s details are up to date.

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Improve customer perception

If you continue sending direct mail to deceased individuals, individuals that no longer live at the address you have on file and individuals who don’t want to receive your direct mail, you could end up damaging your company’s reputation. Failing to maintain clean data will make your business look impersonal and out of touch. Rather than generating a return on investment, you’ll simply be creating a negative brand image for your organisation.

Ensure compliance

Organisations have a responsibility to check that the consumer data they use is accurate and up to date. If they fail to maintain clean data, they will be breaching the Data Protection Act and could be fined around £5,000. Every fine you have to pay will eat into the return you are making from your direct mail campaign, so it’s definitely worth making sure that you are using clean data.

Data cleaning services

Using data cleaning services will ensure you are only sending out direct mail to people who are actually interested in your products or services. This means you will only be spending money on leads that have the potential to generate profit, thus maximising your direct mail campaigns’ return on investment.

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