There are many services to expect from a mailing house

Services to Expect from a Mailing House

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There are many mailing houses in the UK, and it can sometimes be hard deciding where to look or who to trust! As a mailing house that has significant experience in this sector, we like to think that we know what we’re doing here at bakergoodchild.

To help explain a bit more about services bakergoodchild offer, we have laid out a short guide on what you should expect when it comes to professional mailing house services.

What is a mailing house?

A mailing house is a business (it’s not a house!) that prepares direct mail to be sent both locally, nationally, and internationally. As well as being able to take advantage of cheaper mailing rates than an organisation would be able to; mailing houses also provide a whole host of other services too. Another term used for a mailing house is also a “mailing agency”, the two terms are interchangeable.

It is generally recommended to use a mailing house when you have a large quantity of direct mail, transactional mail or other national or international post to send. Also, checkout our article providing a definition of a mailing house here.

What services can a mailing house perform?

The name ‘mailing house’ isn’t just misleading in terms of us not being a house, but the term mailing can also be misleading as a mailing house performs many more functions than just mailing. We have listed below some services that you can expect from a mailing house:

Planning, project and account management

A mailing house, drawing on their experience and expertise, can help you by planning and preparing your direct mail or mailshot campaign. This includes discussing the best form of mail to use and how to take advantage of the various routes on offer to you.

A mail campaign is a project in its own right, so mailing houses will be able to fully project manage all aspects of a campaign in conjunction with partners and the staff of customers. The majority of mailing houses will also allocate an Account Manager to manage the relationship and aspects such as timescales, pricing and issues resolution.

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A standard service to expect from a mailing house is printing. Most providers will print onsite through their own equipment, in some circumstances print will be managed by mailing houses through print partners. This would usually be for very specialist print requirements, to meet urgent timescales or to print very large order volumes.

A range of printing services will be available including colour / mono, delivering various sizes of print and will include specialist print capabilities such as variable data printing (to improve the personalisation of the mailshot).

Printing capability will be for both direct mail campaigns, transactional mail printing as well as general printing requirements.


Fulfilment is the process which takes print and associated stationery/packaging and converts it through the fulfilment process into ready to mail items such as direct mail and transactional mail. Typical elements of fulfilment include collation, folding, closing, polywrapping, bundling and packaging. Mailing houses will always aim to automate as many tasks as possible, but on occasions, some tasks will need to be manually fulfilled.

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Direct mail

Direct mail campaigns are one of the best ways to reach new customers and score new business. A good mailing house service will be able to help you open up new business opportunities in the UK and around the world through highly targeted direct mail campaigns.

Mailing houses operate on a worldwide basis

Mailing houses operate on a worldwide basis

Transactional mail

Another form of mail which mailing houses can manage is transactional mail. As the name suggests this is any form of mail which constitutes a transaction. Examples include accounting documents (e.g. invoices and statements), renewal notices (e.g. insurance and membership), account updates and many other applications.

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You can also rely on mailing house services to help you personalise your direct mail campaign. Our infographic reveals that 98% of people who receive direct mail have said that they prefer this mail type of mail to be personalised. This means that personalisation can be the make or break factor for your campaign, and a mailing house knows all of the tips and techniques when it comes to adding that personal touch. Examples of personalisation opportunities could include insertion of personalised images, abandoned shopping cart marketing, related purchases marketing, insertion of personal information (e.g. past purchases), etc.


Once you’ve planned your campaign, printed, fulfilled and personalised it a mailing house service can also help with the packaging too. This involves tasks such as boxing and sealing, so the batch can be collected by postal carriers for onward distribution. This means a mailing house provides an all-round service, helping from start to finish.

UK & International Postage

Sending your mail, both in the UK and internationally, through a mailing agency can help you save on costs significantly, as well as the stress of organising everything yourself! Mailing houses make use of relationships with mailing partners around the world; something that organisations and individuals don’t have access too.

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With a central Birmingham-based location, bakergoodchild is conveniently placed for working across the UK. As of the UK’s most reputable mailing houses, we manage the mailing and printing of millions of mail items each year. If you want to find out more about how our mailing house can help you, call us on 0800 612 1972 or get in touch with us here.

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