Direct Mail Fulfilment – Automated Collation

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When you have multiple items to insert in an envelope or a folder, the task may seem okay and doable if you are only dealing with a few envelopes. Its, however, a different game altogether when you are dealing with direct mailing for a marketing campaign.

The enormous work of collating direct marketing information takes a lot of time and space too. Leave that job to us to organise your cards, posters or letters for sending to everyone on the database list.

All Jobs Are Welcome

We don’t discriminate on the magnitude of the job. We appreciate your selecting us and so are ready to collate your mailings just as we would your bulky job.

Our machines are up to date, and hence we can collate any number of inserts and deliver on time. Every batch we do is as perfect as it’s expected to be, thanks to the double sheet sensor feature of the machines we use.

We know you want to reach your audience at once and in the shortest time possible. The superior speeds that our machines offer guarantees delivery within the time that you need the service. At higher speeds and reduced costs, you are at the right place for the collation of your mailing information.

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What the Service Includes

We collate all the standard mailing data and media. They include compact disks, product samples, catalogues, DVDs, materials to do with your product launch and event collateral. The following are examples of the categories we deal with:

  • Mail Processing – You certainly need the mailings to reach everyone in the same order. Our machines can sort all the mails just as they are required. Take advantage of our advice on how to arrange your brochures or inserts into the envelopes you are sending
  • Inserts order – The right order of the inserts in the mailing envelopes has great impact on the recipient. We will do that and more to improve the rate of responses
  • Trade Show – Multiple components can be a menace at the time of presentations. Count on us to package such material just the way you would want it. We collate to improve the feedback that you are expecting to get from any national event

Packaging with Precision

Every mail that we work on goes to the right recipient. We have all your target audience in the database and so after feeding the data to our automated machine, be assured that every mail will get to the right and targeted recipient.

Folding and inserting may seem to be a complex job but leaving it to professionals like us is the only solution to reaching out to the customer base out there. Call or visit us for your quote. We minimise costs by doing precise calculations of the materials that your job will need. In that case, you only pay for just the things that your job will need. You can then relax and wait for the responses from your target audience.

Let bakergoodchild help you sort out your Automated Collation

Irrespective of your company’s physical address, you can always count on bakergoodchild for the best Direct Mail Fulfilment services within the UK as well as overseas.

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