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Direct Mail Services

  • Personalisation – bakergoodchild have a full range of personalisation options including: high speed inkjet personalisation & envelope printing; colour variable digital print; high speed cut sheet mono laser printing.

  • Fulfilment – With the latest technology we offer envelope enclosing from C6 to C4 and even bespoke sizes, including 2d camera matching & selective enclosing; polywrap enclosing and self-mailers.
  • Inkjet Personalisation – With multiple ink and solvent based high-speed inkjet lines, we can output over 500,000 personalised items per day, including envelopes, postcards and printed polythene.
  • Colour Laser Personalisation – Having the latest high quality range of production colour laser printers, capable of printing SRA3 up to 350gsm stock, we can produce anything from high volume white paper solution personalised letters, to self-mailers, postcards and brochures with full personalised variable digital print throughout.
  • Mono Laser Personalisation – Running 5 production high capacity Ricoh mono laser printers, we can produce over 500,000 A4 prints per day at the best possible quality.

  • High Speed Letters: We have a suite of high speed production enclosers that can insert up to 8 items. We use 2D barcode matching, selective inserting and integrity to ensure 100% enclosing accuracy. This is suitable for any direct mail, but essential for multi-page and transactional work. Total daily capacity is 500,000 per day.

  • C4 & Bespoke (large Letters): We have industry leading Buhrs enclosers with 2d matching and integrity. Our machines are capable of running 250,000+ items per day.

  • Self-Mailers – Whilst these do not require enclosing we have a range of sealing options, including easy peel glue and automated tabbing to ensure your mail piece arrives intact and complies with postal requirements.
Complete direct mail solutions from bakergoodchild

Whatever your requirement, bakergoodchild is here to help and provide a full range of direct mail solutions for every type and size of business! Contact us today to discuss your project requirement and one of our direct mail experts can work with you to rapidly create a tailored solution.

Providing a comprehensive suite of direct mail fulfilment options, bakergoodchild has the solution available for your business both in the UK and internationally.

bakergoodchild can manage the entire direct mail process
Including printing, fulfilment, personalisation, data management, distribution, bulk mail and reduced postage costs. We actively work with you to create a solution personalised to your business and choose the elements of our service which meet your needs.

However large your direct mail campaign is contact us, bakergoodchild will have a solution for your organisation. Call us today on 0800 612 1972 to discuss your future direct mail campaigns.







Direct mail fulfilment

Our objective at bakergoodchild is to offer a highly customised mailing solution to meet every client’s needs.  A part of our offering is direct mail fulfilment, we can manage the process from end to end or you can choose the elements of the service which meet your needs best. If you’d like to read the steps involved in direct mail fulfilment click the “read more text” button below.

The steps of automated mail fulfilment are provided below. Wherever possible we automate the process but sometimes we also need to complete manually by hand as part of the process:

  • Preparation – This includes collection of data, acquiring stationery stocks and printed materials, etc.
  • Automated collation – The insertion of multiple inserts into the direct mail run
  • Automated folding – Folds are inserted automatically in the required places
  • Automated envelope closing – The envelope is automatically closed when the contents have been inserted
  • Automated polywrapping and poly processing – Addition of polywrap where required in campaigns
  • Distribution – Bundling, package into boxes and arranging final distribution
Direct mail personalisation

Personalisation of direct mail campaigns is all about treating customers as individuals and is a major part of why direct mail campaigns have returned to prominence in recent years. bakergoodchild delivers highly personalised campaigns which improve customer relations, help to build a brand, create an improved professionalism for campaigns and ultimately improve ROI and response rates.

No two personalised direct mail campaigns are the same, it’s important for us to liaise with you to create the perfect solution for your mailshot. Modern technology enables a personalised URL to be added with unique offers for each record mailed. Through data management services personalisation could extend to using data from Ecommerce systems to send abandoned shopping cart reminders, add images of products viewed to mailings, up-sell and cross-sell as well as local information (e.g. local store address and opening times).
Data management

Data management is critical to the success of any direct mail campaign. Here at bakergoodchild we have a dedicated and experienced data management team that will ensure data is optimised to improve campaign success rates and metrics. Use our data management service to improve ROI, customer satisfaction and reduce wastage from inaccurate mailings.

Data management is all about treating data responsibly and professionally engaging with your target audience. With the upcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming in to force in summer 2016 this will become a legal obligation, which bakergoodchild will help you manage. Here are some of the ways we manage data:

  • Goneaway suppression – Checking and removal of records where they have moved from their address
  • Duplication removal – Various checks to ensure that duplicated records are removed
  • PAF verification – Checking for data accuracy with the Post Office Address File
  • Death register check – Checking with the Death Register to ensure that records are not recently deceased
  • Preference services – Checking opt-out subscribers with FPS, MPS and TPS
  • Data enhancement – Adding extra fields to enhance information, perhaps from other databases and/or data sources
  • Mailing list preparation – We supply your final database back to you cleansed and ready to use
Flexible customised direct mail package

bakergoodchild is a dynamic and successful Direct Mail Company who can offer entirely flexible customised direct mail packages for customers. The range of direct mail services has grown in recent years; we can now offer for example fulfilment, printing the mailshot, posting the mailshot and much more.

Our direct mail service is totally personalised to each customer based on the unique needs of your organisation and campaign. We provide a full “end to end” direct mail service or can just supply the elements you want/need instead. Our direct mail packages are flexible enough to suit various budgets and are deal for PLCs and SMEs alike. We’re happy to work with smaller and larger direct mail campaigns and understand that some campaigns can be quite niche and have lower run levels. Our service is a blend of specialist teams and software which when combined with our experience provides an exceptional service and outstanding value for money.

Call bakergoodchild on 0800 612 1972 to discuss
the requirements for your next direct mail campaign.