Direct Mail Fulfilment – Automated Folding

Some services can only be automated, and this includes mail folding tasks. This is a standard part of our service to meet the demands of our growing customer base. Direct mail services are about sending multiple mailings to the targeted audience. In this case, we deal with thousands of such recipients based on the number that every customer has.

As a leader in mailing business, we have no choice but to innovate and automate folding and dispatching tasks. We adapt every set of tasks to the requirements of a customer. With us in control, you can relax as we take control of the folding and sending your mail. The accuracy is meant to ensure that every envelope has the same content.

Neatness is key

Accuracy in the inserts is one factor that is essential for excellence in mailshots. The other is the presentable nature of the envelope or any other packaging we use. The package represents you on arrival, and so we want to ensure that it portrays a good image of your company.

We hence work hand-in-hand with our clients to get the specific details they want to be included on the envelope, the material they want to use and prints to be done on the packing. Everything has to be uniform, and that is not a challenge to us because we have all that it takes to deliver a job of any magnitude.

We help you reach your customers on time

Our automated folding services are what you need to have mails delivered to your clients on time. It’s a great improvement from the mundane tasks that are not only complex when done by hand but also boring.

Your staff will be free to concentrate on other tasks that are more valuable to you, instead of holding them in a job that we can finish 40 times faster than the speed of your workers.

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We employ versatility too

Forget the worries about what sizes, fold-types or message that you want to be dispatched first. Our systems can work on multiple jobs of varying specifications to ensure that the batches are released at the same time.

We aren’t only about folding

We extend our services to ensure that you are as comfortable while we worry about propagating your communication. Allow us to help you in the creation of your messages. We are well versed in business communications for all customers. In that case, we can tailor all types of messages that you want to be relayed to your potential customers.

Scheduling of your letters

A one-time communication won’t have the impact that you want. We can, therefore, agree on scheduling letters that we can produce after a given period, to be sent to customers who haven’t responded to your first letters.

Follow-ups are also a great way to show your customers that you need to serve them and care for their needs. Responses are even better so that you can engage with them to serve them better, and understand more about their needs. It helps to tailor your services to fit their needs.

Do you need help from bakergoodchild with automated folding?

We offer the best automated folding solutions customised to cater to all your most pressing needs. Hence, if you would like to understand how we can help you, we recommend you give us a call on 0800 612 1972 to talk more. Do it now!

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