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Direct Mail Fulfilment – Automated Envelope Closing

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Imagine a billing company having to lick every envelope enclosing their client’s bill. This could just be the most draining job in the world! Thankfully, over the years, licking of envelopes to seal them has been replaced with automated envelope closing services. With advancements in technology, mailing houses have adopted the use of automated envelope closing machines.

There are plenty of advantages associated with the use of automated envelope closing machines. The most important benefit is that it saves you time and money. This is because these machines make sure that the envelopes are sealed and dispatched in good time. These machines also ensure that the content of the envelope remains private and confidential.

How Automated Sealing Machines Work

Sealing machines completely seal and close documents by providing a continuous vertical or horizontal seal. It is possible to find machines that form, fill and seal all at once too. There are numerous automated sealing machines types to choose from:

  • Seal only machines – this is a machine that seals and secures your package. However, it does not fill or form packages.
  • Semi-automated sealers – this is a sealing machine that aids in placement and sealing. This requires the help of an operator and ensures the performance of these activities with accuracy and speed.
  • Fully automated sealing machine – this is a sealing machine that does not require an operator to work. The only manual work done on this machine is the replenishment of sealing material.

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Envelope sealer machines look complicated to most people, but their working mechanism is rather simple and straightforward. These machines come fitted with space for holding the sealing fluid and also come with small brushes. The brushes spread the sealing fluid on the sealing section of an envelope as the brushes dampen the glue to make it sticky. The envelope is later passed through the presser which seals it. This ensures that the envelopes are strongly sealed and remain sealed through transit.

It is possible to get a machine that suits your particular needs after carefully considering the scale and size of your organisation. There are low budget models which are created to meet the needs of a small business or home use. These small-scale machines have low-performance abilities as compared to larger machines. There are also mid-scale machines and high-scale machines for different needs.

The Cost of Automated Envelope Sealers

Automated envelope sealers are quite expensive. Even so, they offer great benefits to any company. You only need to ensure that you pick the right machine based on your business needs. These are likely to cost £000’s, based on the size of the machine you buy.  It is advisable for you to compare machines from different suppliers before settling on one. This ensures that you save money and get the best machine for your needs.

It is also a helpful idea for you to consider outsourcing automated envelope sealing services. A company such as bakergoodchild offers envelopes sealing services that are fast, affordable and reliable. This can be quicker and cheaper than buying and maintaining your own machine.

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