Mailing House – A Definition

Oct 2, 2017 | News


The term “mailing house” was first used during the 1960s by the Heidelberg News Magazine and it’s an expression that is now in everyday use within the mail, print and postage industries. Read on to learn more about bakergoodchild’s definition for a mailing house.

Online definitions available

There is plenty of content on our website about mailing houses but we thought it would be a good idea to provide a full definition for a mailing house. Here are three online definitions:

  • Cambridge English Dictionary:
    • Mailing – “the act of sending letters, packages, or electronic messages to a lot of people at one time

    • House – “a company that is involved in a particular area of business, e.g. a publishing house, a fashion house, a curry house or a mailing house

  • US State of Massachusetts– “A “mailing house” is a business that performs one or more of the services of assembling, packaging, and addressing printed materials, which it then either delivers directly to the purchaser of the printed materials or the postal service for delivery to the purchaser or the purchaser’s designees.

  • Oxford English Dictionary– “A company which arranges the large-scale dispatch of mail on behalf of other organizations.

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Essential elements of a great mailing house

So what makes a great mailing house, below we have listed six essential elements for any mailing house:

  • Data management service – The mailing house will have a data management service to take customer supplied data and verify it for accuracy as well as potentially add value to the data with other sourced information
  • Industry & technology aware – The mailing house will be “on top” of the latest developments in the mailing industry as well as recent technology innovations in the field
  • Legal and regulatory compliant – The mailing house will comply with a range of codes and legislation including Data Protection Act (1998), DMA code of conduct, various ISO standards as well as the GDPR (which is effective from May 2018)
  • Mailing solutions – A variety of mailing solutions are available including bulk mail, direct mail campaigns as well as transactional mail. This includes all aspects of the fulfilment process
  • Print solutions – A range of colour and mono print solutions are available from a wide range of printing devices. Variable data printing options are available for personalisation. Where specialist print requirements are needed by a customer the mailing house should be able to outsource to selected partners
  • Postage solutions – The mailing house will offer a range of tailored solutions for local, national and global postage. This will deliver mail to at least the standard a customer already experiences but offering as a minimum, discounts on postage but also innovative solutions such as partnerships with downstream access providers

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