The Value and Benefits of using a Professional Mailing House

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Along with sending out mail, many professional mailing houses also offer printing services, allowing businesses to take advantage of fully outsourced solutions. In this article, we will explain the value and benefits of using a professional mailing house.

Take advantage of bulk postage rates and lower costs

By using the services of a professional mailing house you can benefit from lower postage costs. Mailing houses offer attractive discounted rates for both UK and international direct mail, packets, parcels, catalogues, leaflets and brochures. They provide businesses with cost-effective mailing solutions. Not only do mailing houses save money on mailing through bulk postage, but they also buy consumable like envelopes, paper and ink in bulk to make savings which are passed onto their clients.

Time related benefits from outsourcing to a mailing house

Outsourcing the work to a mailing house is the most cost-effective solution. If you were to hire staff in-house you would have to pay them a salary and provide them with other employee benefits, whereas by outsourcing the work, you will simply pay a monthly fee for the services you require.

Designing, printing and packing envelopes and packages yourself can be very time consuming and as all good business owners know, time is money! Rather than doing it yourself or hiring staff in-house to complete mailing tasks, why not outsource the work to a professional mailing company?

Outsourcing to a mailing house is a great business idea

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By outsourcing the work, you can use your time more productively and have the peace of mind knowing that your mailing tasks are being taken care of by experts. This can often also mean that mailing projects are completed more quickly as the lean and efficient processes used deliver time-saving benefits.

Achieve more accurate results

Mailing houses use machinery to carry out automated mailing tasks such as folding, enclosing and addressing. Machines are inevitably more accurate than humans and they can also carry out the job much quicker. By improving accuracy, you will benefit from better-targeted campaigns, less waste and improved customer service.

Just two examples of improved accuracy are data and mail sortation. Mailing houses will have access to data checking tools and systems which remove duplicates / deceased records and can also validate the accuracy of fields, e.g. customer titles and postcode follow the formats required. Software such as the Royal Mail PAF can be used to accurately sort mail into walksort order (the route the postman takes), in doing so substantial discounts can be made on postage costs.

Benefit from flexible contracts

Professional mailing houses usually offer flexible contracts. This means that you can use their services as and when you need to, including ramp up / ramp down flexibility. For example, if you have a big direct mail campaign to roll out, the mailing house will have the staff there ready to accommodate your needs and requirements. If you were to do this in-house, you may find you have to employ extra staff or get your current staff to work overtime, which can be extremely expensive.

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Gain access to experts in the industry

The staff working at professional mailing houses will all have expert knowledge of the mailing industry. Therefore they will be able to find the best rates and services to help save you money. If you are looking to improve your direct mailing campaign, they will also be able to provide you with helpful hints and tips which they have picked up from working on other companies’ campaigns.

Benefits of an integrated approach

When working with a mailing house clients will benefit from integrating all of their requirements “under one roof”. An integrated approach to print, mail and postage delivers a significant number of business benefits.

Many businesses will use a printer, a mail fulfilment partner and postage company separately, although viable this is not as efficient as using one expert company which can fulfil all three areas of the project. With an integrated partner there’s just one set of commercial negotiations, lower distribution costs (as the stock is in one place) and reduced contacts to communicate with, etc. A mailing house is the perfect “one stop shop” for all mailing related services for both direct mail and transactional mail campaigns.

Perfect mailing solutions partner

Whether you are struggling to keep up with mailing tasks in-house or are simply looking for a more cost-effective solution, then professional mailing houses will provide the perfect solution. It does not matter whether your business is a small start-up or large corporation, there will be a mailing house out there ready to take on your work and meet your requirements.

Contacting bakergoodchild the professional mailing house

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