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Mailshots – a Definition

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You may have heard the term mentioned, but if you’ve never organised one yourself, you might have some questions about exactly what a mailshot is.

Often referred to as direct mail, a mailshot is a way of reaching your customers en masse, by planning a group campaign. For a closer look at exactly what a mailshot it, what should be included and why you should use one, keep reading…

In a nutshell

A mailshot is a way of reaching all of your customers by sending out some information in the form of a letter, postcard or other type of postal communication.

While the content of a mailshot is the same for every customer, and requires careful work to get the right wording requires careful work to get the right wording to hit the spot, this doesn’t mean that you can’t offer a degree of personalisation.

The very best types of mailshot include personalisation in various forms; this ensures that the customer’s interest is piqued and the literature doesn’t end up straight in the bin. Using the individual’s name rather than a generic greeting is a good start and will differentiate your mailshot from other advertising communication.

A mailshot is a means of communicating the same message to a large group of people, either existing customers to try and incentivise them to return, or new potential customers to attract their business.

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An evolving tool

Mailshots have been used for many years as an effective way of reaching customers easily and cost-effectively but there were concerns that with the emergence of digital means they would become defunct.

While it’s true that there have certainly been changes in the way mailshots are used, studies show that they remain as relevant as ever.

With fewer companies using mailshots, it’s now easier to get your business noticed if you get the content right. It’s not simply enough to plaster your company name on a glossy piece of paper and hope that the customer likes what they see. Modern mailshots have evolved to become an extremely clever piece of marketing, carefully targeted to incentivise and motivate the customer to respond.

Used in the right way, mailshots elicit a great response from customers, with more than nine out of ten pieces opened. This compares favourably to other channels, with subsequent customer engagement high too.

Professional mailshot services

Some companies decide to manage their own mailshots in-house, and that’s perfectly feasible if you have the capability to do so.

However a bad mailshot is worse than not doing one at all so it’s important to make sure you get it right.

You’ll need to have enough staff to look after the print, and the equipment to make sure you’re able to create the finish and size that you want. And if volumes are high, you’ll also need to be able to match the documents or seal the envelopes, as well as adding the necessary personalisation.

Using mailshot services takes care of all of the hassle for you, and are ideally set up to provide flexible mailshot solutions when you need them, even if it’s last minute.

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