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Direct Mail Coupons & Vouchers – Well Worth the Effort

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Businesses that want to get savvy and innovative with their direct mail can make use of multiple techniques and tactics to help stand out from the competition. While it may take a bit more effort at first, it can create relationships with new customers, increase business revenue, and expand the image of your brand.

One of these avenues is including coupons or vouchers in your mailshots. We’ve covered more on this technique below.

The benefits of using coupons and vouchers

It’s safe to say that we as humans love “freebies” and incentives. Whether it’s discounts, giveaways or promotions, a bargain can help quickly draw in a consumer’s attention. Businesses have even found that free samples can be a more powerful way of reaching new customers than a traditional form of advertising.

A study by RapidCampaign found that promotions influence around 28% of consumers to purchase more, and makes a huge 25% more customers make purchases that they previously may not have made.

This is important, because the worry of money is regularly ranked as one of the highest worries of adults worldwide. It can be hard to persuade a customer to switch to your product if that worry is there. But, by offering coupons or vouchers that help to take this worry out of their minds, you could be winning yourself new customers for life.

It can also greatly help to reduce your advertising costs. As we examined above, some businesses have found that free samples or discounted samples through vouchers actually found it a more powerful route of advertising. In 2016, the US retail industry spent over $15.09 billion on advertising; and this is all before the customer has even seen the product!

By including coupons or vouchers, you are giving that customer a quick way to try your product without the need for expensive, and sometimes unpredictable, advertising campaigns.

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Personalisation and email address capture

Finally, it can help to create a new bond between you and the customer. A coupon or voucher can be personalised and tailored just to them, and it makes that particular customer feel like more of your organisation. If you can develop a personal bond with them, it is sure to deliver you a high ROI in the future.

Many organisations use coupons and vouchers as a technique to drive recipients online. With many incentives being redeemable online codes can be used to obtain discounts without even having to leave home or the workplace. Online redemption can often capture all-important “opted in” email address information, which can be used for a variety of purposes.

How else can you be innovative with your direct mail?

There are many other ways that you can get innovative with your mailshots aside from coupons or vouchers, such as:

These are just some of the many avenues that you can take. While there will be more effort required up front, there are many businesses not attempting any of these techniques, making it difficult for them to stand out from the competition.

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