Tips For An Effective Call To Action (CTA)


One of the most important aspects of a direct mail campaign is getting a response. Businesses often find this challenging, as in order to get a response, you need to pique your recipients’ interest so that they make the conscious decision to act on it.

We’ve put together a few essential tips that are important to bear in mind when deciding on the Call To Action for your direct mail campaign.


Incentivise Response

Everyone likes a discount and free stuff even more so, which is why adding one of these options to your direct mail campaign will increase the likelihood that your audience will respond to your CTA. For instance, adding a 20% off voucher to a retail led direct mail campaign greatly increases the likelihood of your audience making a purchase.  For other industries, business could offer a free consultation to entice a potential customer to make that initial contact with your brand.



Create A Sense of Urgency

Using certain words and phrases can create a sense of urgency for your audience and can have a major impact on whether they follow through on your call to action or not. If your CTA is the offer of a discount, a free sample or a consultation, it can help to add a deadline or expiration date to the availability of the offer. This gives you the freedom to use certain words and phrases that reinforce the need to act quickly. Phrases such as ‘act now’ or ‘limited time’ can stir up a fear of missing out and persuade your audience to act with haste or even when they otherwise wouldn’t have.


Be Clear

Clarity is essential when it comes to CTAs so use words that make it clear exactly what it is you’d like your audience to do. Whether your goal is to generate leads, increase sales and sign ups or encourage donations, specificity is vital. The clearer and easier you make it for your audience to understand what they need to do, the more likely you are to illicit that response from them. Words like ‘subscribe’, ‘buy’, ‘call’ and ‘visit’ give your audience a clear instruction as to what they should do if they wish to proceed.


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Use Technology

A direct mail campaign doesn’t have to be entirely ink and paper based, using modern technology can be advantageous when trying to get your audience to act on your CTA. QR (Quick Response) codes, for example, are a simple and straightforward call to action that your audience can simply scan with their mobile phone camera and be directed straight to a particular website, social media channel, video, app download, discount or pretty much anything you can find on the internet. The simplicity of the QR code as well as the unique curiosity factor it offers, makes it a no brainer for any direct mail campaign in 2021.


Personalise Your CTA

The simple act of referencing the name of your direct mail recipient is an underused but extremely effective way to increase response rates. Using a customer’s name directly is a simple way of building relationships with your audience whilst making them feel more valued. The more valued they feel, the better impression they will have of your brand and the more likely they will be to respond to any literature you send through their letterbox.


Make it Stand Out

It is essential that your CTA stands out, make it bold, make it beautiful, make it colourful, whatever you do, make it unmissable. The less information people need to get your CTA the better, which is why your Call To Action should be front and centre when planning your direct mail campaign.


 Keep It Simple

Don’t expect your audience to be willing to go above and beyond to respond to your CTA, avoid CTAs that require long term commitment or anything overly convoluted or complex. A simple and straight forward CTA has a much higher chance of success than something that involves your audience having to input lots of details or jump through hoops to follow through on.

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