Proven Methods of Personalising a Direct Mail Campaign

There are many ways for organisations to personalise a direct mail campaign. We have summarised a number of these into this latest blog article.

Personal information

Personalising by the inclusion of personal information is the most obvious frequently used example of personalisation:

  • Gender – Personalise the mailshot by gender where there is likely to be a difference in gender response
  • Name and address – At the simplest level personalise the mailshot to show that it is not a mass mailing and that as a business you have awareness of the customer’s name and address details. This is the most simplistic form of personalisation

Personalised content and images

Personalisation through the insertion of tailored content and images is a classic way of adding personalisation value to a mailing:

  • Personalised content – Inclusion of personalised content in the form of text which is known to be of personal interest to the recipient is an excellent personalisation method. For example, advocate a particular product which you know the recipient has bought previously, has viewed on a website or has expressed an interest in
  • Personalised images – “A picture paints a thousand words”, so embedding images personalised to the recipient’s past purchases and known interests is likely to increase campaign response rates and ROI


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Personalised offers and promotions

Bespoke offers and promotions can be made through knowledge of the recipient and their behavioural patterns:

  • Include offers (e.g. discounts or coupon codes), which are personalised to the customer’s interests or past purchases
  • Upsell and cross sell – Where past transactional sales data is available (e.g. in an Ecommerce system), try to:
    Upsell – The promotion of upgrades and add-ons for past purchases
    Cross sell – The promotion of a related product or service to a past purchase

Customer Segmentation
Segmenting the database will help in delivering a personalised campaign. Practice data segmentation so as to be able to personalise based on their segmented information, e.g. treat B2B customers differently to B2C.

Segmentation could be by:

  • Behavioural patterns – as mentioned numerous times above, segmentation by past behavioural patterns, particularly where there is access to a CRM/ERP system and/or personalised website data
  • City – the city they live in and/or maybe postcode areas within a city
  • Income – segmenting the mailshot database into income bands (where known)

Customer segmentation is an ideal approach for developing brand loyalty.

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