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There are many types of business critical mail that your business is likely to need to make use of during its lifetime. The article below explains more on this, as well as how we at bakergoodchild can help.

What is business critical mail?

It works in exactly the same way as any other business critical services or operations that you need. As the name explains, these pieces of mail are absolutely critical to the success and smooth running of your business. Without it, the business would stop functioning properly.

This type of mailshot also falls into the category of transactional mail which is mail that involves any type of transaction with a customer. This is commonly financial, but can also be for things such as confirmation in recent changes to an account.

This is in contrast to marketing mail, which is used to drive new business but isn’t essential to the running of a business. Not all types of transactional mail will be business critical, as pieces such as thanking a customer or welcoming new sign ups aren’t crucial to the day-to-day running of your company. So what kind of mail is it?

The most key pieces for your business are:

  • Invoices – this type of direct mail is one of the most essential parts of your business, helping to ensure that you are getting paid on time and in an efficient manner for the goods or services that you have provided
  • Collection letters – these are even more business critical than invoices, as these are essentially a more final-stage, demanding invoice. This type of mail requires much more immediate action than the above, as it generally means that the customer has missed the date for paying what is owed
  • Changes to agreements or terms and conditions – while this type of mail isn’t as critical as collecting money for your business, it is still important. Customers must be notified of any changes that you have made to agreements or terms and conditions as it could affect them in a big way.

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What does our printing and mailing service entail?


For transactional mailshots to be effective, it needs data that can match. Our data management services and compliance with the necessary government regulations ensure that your data is handled in the right way.


We can help to personalise your transactional mailshots, boosting response rates and further developing relationships with your customers.

Printing and mailing

bakergoodchild will print and mail all of your business critical items so that you don’t have to. We offer the fastest printing times, the quickest delivery routes, and the most competitive rates.

All mail that falls into this category will be sent and tracked using first class delivery, meaning you can be assured of its safe delivery and response.

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