How important is the Call to Action within a direct mail campaign?

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A good, clear and persuasive call to action (CTA) is essential in guiding your reader towards a sale. Having explained exactly what your business is offering and put your message across effectively, you don’t want your reader to get to the end and not actually do anything further. Just as vital as the words, design and feel of your direct mail campaign, a call to action should clarify your offer and leave your potential customer wanting more. It should clearly get across how valuable what you’re offering really is and be easy to remember too.

Writing your call to action

Your CTA shouldn’t be too overpowering. It should be very concise and use as few well-chosen words as possible. Simple and uncluttered, a CTA needs to be very specific and easy to find. Stick to the point and don’t expect the reader to struggle through reams of print to find your message and what you want them to do.

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Incorporating a good call to action into your direct mail campaign

Below you will find a few simple steps to follow when you’re creating the copy for your direct mail materials:

  • Consider using an outline box, different font or graphics to make your message really stand out. Use every resource possible to achieve a friendly but effective push for your brand and what you’re offering. You need to aim for encouraging, personalised and engaging but without being too pushy.
  • Make sure your recipient understands the offer and can therefore quickly see its value. You need to highlight the benefits the customer will enjoy and how it will make their life better.
  • Take the time to understand who your target audience is and what their needs and requirements are. What challenges do they face? And how will you be able to help them?
  • Build a sense of urgency and add an expiry date by which your offer will finish. Coupons and vouchers are a great way to do this and will entice interested people to take advantage of your offer as soon as possible.
  • Make taking advantage of your offer really easy and convenient by giving several different ways for people to get in touch with you. Include a phone number, email address and a contact form if possible so people can choose the method they prefer. Don’t forget to include your social media information, e.g. Instagram and Facebook to boost brand awareness further.
  • Make scan reading the copy is easy by separating your message from the body copy so it stands out, for instance by putting it at the top. If all your copy is in one block, your message won’t stand out and the message is likely to be lost.
  • Ease up on the technical or legal information. Small print, conditions and disclaimers may be essential, but keep them to a minimum so as not to distract the reader’s attention.

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