Why Personalisation is Essential in Direct Mail Campaigns

One of this year’s biggest direct mail trends is personalisation but what does it mean and how is it beneficial? Read on to find out!

Superior direct mail campaigns will include elements of personalisation in a variety of ways. The aim is to pique a recipient’s interest with literature they will want to open and will not want to throw away straight into the nearest bin. Read on to find out about how personalisation can help your direct mail to thrive and succeed![

What is personalisation?

Contrary to popular beliefs personalisation is far more than simply addressing a piece of direct mail to a prospect’s name instead of using the generic ‘To the Homeowner’ or ’Occupier’. Personalisation is all about tailoring direct mail to meet the needs of a particular direct mail campaign. By cleverly using data analytics and segment knowledge, marketers can craft personalised pieces of direct mail that generate a better response from consumers with improved ROI.

Improve relationship with consumers

One of the reasons why we encourage brands to personalise their direct mail is that it can help to improve relationships with their customers. Addressing them by name and including content that is relevant to their likes, interests, behavioural patterns and past purchases is a great way to show customers you know and value them. The more valued they feel, the better impression they will have of your brand and the more likely they are to buy your products and recommend your services.

Also, personalisation can help by eliminating the mailing of irrelevant information, e.g.:
• Account status – mailing information to new customers to established customers
• Date sensitive content – only mailing content which is in time, e.g. not mailing out time-expired content
• Gender based content – mailing product information for women to a man

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Make your campaign look more professional

Personalising your direct mail can also make your brand appear more professional. Customers will appreciate the effort you have put into tailoring your direct mail to their needs and will see your company as forward thinking and innovative. Making a good impression on your customers through personalisation will also help to increase brand loyalty and give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Examples of specific personalisation would include marketing of a specific product/service which you know the customer has either viewed online and/or has expressed an interest in. Mention of this product/service within the mailing accompanied by a relevant image would be a great example of personalisation and something the recipient is very likely to be interested in.

Help improve response rates

Last but not least, personalising your direct mail campaigns can help to generate a higher ROI (return on investment). Including personalised product recommendations and unique offers is a great way to encourage customers to make that all-important call to action. By making the effort to meet their needs through your direct mail campaigns, customers will be more likely to process your message and take action. Why not include a personalised discount coupon/voucher to incentivise action? This could be used in conjunction with a time-limited date to stimulate response quickly.

Infographics about direct mail personalisation from bakergoodchild
bakergoodchild have published two infographics on the topic of personalisation, these are:
1) Improve your ROI with Direct Mail Personalisation: Useful Stats
2) Personalisation is the key

Conclusion – personalisation is the way forward!

With so many benefits, there’s really no reason not to start personalising your direct mail and if you’re looking to improve your direct mail campaigns with personalisation, bakergoodchild can help! Every direct mail campaign should include as many elements of personalisation as is possible. Successful personalisation depends on the subtle use of data to improve the overall customer experience.

Contacting bakergoodchild – we can help personalise your direct mail campaigns

Our mail personalisation service is designed to help businesses get the most out of their direct mail campaigns. Whether you require simple personalised mailing address labels or fully personalised mailings, we will tailor our services to meet your needs!

bakergoodchild is expert at personalisation of print, mail & post services projects. Call us on 0800 612 1972 with your questions relating to personalisation and the print / direct mail industry. View our full contact details here, we look forward to hearing from you!


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