Improve your ROI with Direct Mail Personalisation: Useful Stats

Improve your ROI with Direct Mail Personalisation: Useful Stats

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How important is personalisation to your direct mail campaigns? Well if the latest findings are anything to go by, it’s very important, so read on!

According to the Direct Marketing Association personalisation has the potential to generate an ROI increase of between 300% and 1000% for direct mail campaigns. A survey by Ricoh has also found that 98% of consumers think personalisation is important and 56% said they would be more included to use a retailer if offered a good personalised experience.

This article is more focused on personalisation than ROI itself, for more details about how to calculate ROI visit this article.

Benefits of direct mail personalisation

A big motivator for businesses is obviously profit and the good news is that the personalisation of direct mail campaigns leads to increased sales, which in turn creates higher profit levels.

Businesses can also benefit from less wastage, as people actually want to receive direct mail that has been personalised for them and are more likely to take action on it. This not only means they won’t be wasting money but also paper – therefore improving their green credentials significantly.

Personalisation of direct mail campaigns also allows businesses to benefit from the intangible ROI of increased customer satisfaction. Through improved data accuracy, promotional awareness and tailored content, brands can effectively connect with their customers and stand a good chance of gaining their loyalty.

Four ways to personalise your direct mail campaigns

Once you’ve cleaned up your data and ensured it is correct, you can make a start on personalising your direct mail campaigns. Here are four easy ways to achieve effective personalisation:

  • Customer segmentation– Segmenting customers will allow you to deliver a more personalised marketing experience. It’s not just about segmenting by location (though that will prove to be effective) but age, interests, behaviours, shopping habits and purchase history too. The better tailored your mailshots are, the more likely you are to see a great ROI.
  • Personalised offers– Sending customers relevant offers based on their purchase history is a great way to personalise your direct mail. Customers will feel like you really know and care about them, which is likely to make them feel happy and confident in making another purchase from you.
  • Personalised URLs– Including personalised URLs (also called PURLs) on your direct mail will allow you to bridge the gap between the offline and online worlds and deliver an effective integrated marketing experience. Make sure your landing pages are fully customised for customers to stand a good chance of them completing your call to action.
  • By gender – It’s absolutely true that men respond very differently to some forms of direct mail than women. Where your mailing can be separated between gender then it may well be appropriate to do so and improve ROI direct mail generated from the campaign.

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Taking your direct mail campaigns to the next level

There are a number of different things that can improve the ROI of your direct mail campaigns including attractive colours and unique 3D designs; however direct mail personalisation is king. Let the bakergoodchild mailing agency help you take your direct mail campaigns to the next level. Contact us today for more info by completing our contact form or call us on 0800 612 1972.


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