Bulk Mail Solutions for Charities

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Charities are one of the largest users of direct mail and transactional mail in the UK. It’s one of the best ways that they can deliver an impact that gets results. If you’re a charity and you’re looking for bulk mail solutions, then look no further than bakergoodchild.

Why direct mail is key for charities

Direct mail is, and always be, a crucial tactic for the success of charities. Some research suggests that 79% of consumers act upon a piece of charitable direct mail immediately, and at least 20% of people would begin donating to a new charity if the direct mail delivered an impact.

The way that charities use direct mail and bulk mail solutions has changed in recent years, given the increased online usage and the release of several negative news stories about some charities marketing methods.

But direct mail still remains a valuable tool in any charity’s toolkit and conducted professionally and appropriately, can greatly help to advance that charity’s aim to help people from around the world.

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What are the best bulk mail solutions for charities?

The huge benefit of operating with a bulk mail solutions provider is that they can offer you the same service as if you were posting items yourself, but for a much lower cost. Just as buying a large quantity of items in bulk attracts a discount, so too does sending bulk mail.

And, in fact, we can actually offer a much higher level of service than if you were simply sending the mail yourself! Part of our bulk mail solutions strategy for charities is to help personalise the campaign, print it, package it and post it.

We can also help to further reduce costs by using something called variable data printing. This allows us to print thousands of items of mail, all that have been personalised (say with an individual’s name), but at the same speed as though we were printing the exact same number of items that were all the same.

Why your charity should use bulk mail solutions

While it can be tempting to keep as much of your marketing in-house as possible, it’s important to get the help of the experts where it is needed! We have strong relationships and heavy bulk buying power with all of the large postal carriers, meaning we can save you time and money.

Our bulk mail solutions will mean that you can reach more corners of the UK, or beyond, quicker, cheaper and more efficiently. We also have plenty of experience working with charities, so we’ll ensure that your campaign remains personal, effective, while also staying appropriate.

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