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Direct marketing and direct mail tactics are still very much alive and present in the modern age. Despite a move towards electronics and online communication, sending physical, personal and targeted direct mail is still a great way to win over prospective customers. In fact, 149.4 billion pieces of direct mail were sent in 2016 alone!

It remains a great tactic for B2B direct marketers too. Our article below examines four key factors for you to think about before engaging in a B2B direct marketing and mail campaign, as well as some examples of previous successes.


Tips, ideas and strategies for your B2B direct mail campaign

The success of any marketing campaign will be down to how well planned and executed it is. It’s not just a case of designing a few mailshots and posting them! Individuals who receive direct mail take a campaign more seriously than a campaign that is conducted via email.

You can take advantage of this fact by also taking advantage of some robust tips, ideas and strategies. Many of these will be similar to a marketing campaign that you’ve conducted online and involve things such as making it personal and relevant and instigating proper planning beforehand.

But you can also take it one step further, and integrate your campaign across multiple channels too, such as with technology.

KPIs, goals and calculating ROI – the fundamentals of planning your marketing

Part of your planning process will involve the setting of goals and KPIs. Every B2B direct mail campaign will have a goal, and this will change from business to business. Usually, it is revenue or sales, but it could also be traffic, leads, growing a pipeline or new sign-ups.

What’s important is that you ask yourself why you’re conducting this campaign, and what you’d like the return to be. This is why it’s also crucial to calculate your ROI at the end of the campaign too. Not only will this tell you the success of it, but it will also give you valuable data points for the campaigns ahead.

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What are the differences between B2B and B2C direct marketing?

A common question that we often get asked, is how are B2B and B2C direct marketing campaigns different? The first point is obvious; your target audience. You’ll be targeting businesses rather than individual consumers. But, this means targeting in different ways too. For example, rather than sending direct mail to thousands of consumers, you may only be targeting a handful of businesses.

This, in some ways, can lead to a much more personalised campaign and it’ll usually be one based on logic rather than emotion.

There are many similarities between the two types of direct marketing too, mostly in the way a campaign is planned. Personalisation, good data and thorough research will still form the building blocks for a successful end-result.

These end-results are generally very similar too, focusing on new leads or revenue. Typically, however, you’ll find these figures to be much greater when it comes to B2B direct mail due to the higher spend of businesses.

Where bakergoodchild come in

Considering the above three factors, is there a way to tie all of this information nicely together to form one solid, robust and successful campaign? Yes! This is where a mailing house comes in.

A mailing house, such as yours truly over here at bakergoodchild, is designed to make a good direct marketing campaign a great one. Looking at some of the factors that we’ve mentioned above, here’s how we can help.

  • Personalisation – as we said, at the heart of any good campaign is targeted personalisation. Having been doing this for many years, we can ensure that your targeted business will not only open your direct mail, but will be more likely to respond to it too
  • Data and research – using data management and research tactics, we’ll provide your marketing team with all the correct information that they’ll need
  • Tips and goals – drawing on our experience, we know all the best tips and tricks in the book to boost your campaign. And, we’ll help you to set goals and measure the ROI

We will also help to plan the campaign, print the B2B direct mail, package it and post it.

Examples of B2B direct mail wins

Want to read about how some businesses have taken the above information and put it into practice? If you follow this link here, you’ll find seven companies who have used a B2B direct marketing strategy and turned it into a big win.

Are you ready to start your campaign?

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