There are many ways to be effective with B2B direct mail campaigns

7 Examples of Effective B2B Direct Mail

In News by Gunvinder Bhogal

Direct mail is so much more than simply sending mailshots to recipients. With the help of a savvy marketing team and an expert mailing house, a business can really take their B2B direct mail campaign to the next level with a host of different tips, ideas and strategies. Below, we’ve laid out some of the best examples of effective direct marketing.

1. Target Your Competitor’s Customers

One of the easiest ways to win new business is to target your competitor’s customers. Workfront, a management software company, did just this. When one of their competitors announced that they would no longer be upgrading their product, Workfront leapt in.

By researching their competitor’s product and targeting their campaign around what customers would be losing by sticking with the competitor, they won plenty of new business. In fact, their B2B direct mail ROI was a pipeline of over $370,000.

2. Keep it Personal

O2, the popular telecommunications company, noticed that their average revenue per user was declining. And, alongside this, the needs of their B2B customers were changing. So, O2 decided to run a highly personalised campaign targeting their top 50 existing business customers.

Titled ‘Digital Dave’, it featured a personalised hologram adviser, called Dave, who would essentially have a conversation with the recipient. Responses were tracked, and a member of the sales team would follow up with a personal phone call. The campaign generated £2 million in sales.

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3. Free Samples

Sending out free samples is one of the easiest ways to try and win new customers. This can be contained within your direct mail, or perhaps it can be a box of samples with a small note attached.

Companies like innocent are great at this. Everyone is familiar with being handed free samples at places like supermarkets, but have you considered sending a package of free samples to a business?

B2B and B2C direct marketing have many differences but are also similar in a lot of ways. Getting a group of colleagues to talk about a product is a great way to boost engagement!

4. Keep Colleagues Talking

Think of other ways that you can keep colleagues talking. When you sign up to a company like Graze, who deliver healthy snack boxes, the first box is free. If someone in a workplace orders one of these boxes and it’s delivered to their desk, for free, which of their colleagues isn’t going to want to order one!

Some of the easiest and cheapest marketing you will ever enjoy is customers spreading the good word for you, and this can be easily done in an office environment.

5. Consider a Multichannel Approach

It’s important that you aren’t just trying to target businesses on one platform. With direct mail, social media, emails, websites, and more, it’s important that you have good branding and messaging across the board. Sometimes, your most important updates may never get seen, for example, if they’ve been written on your blog and not promoted across multiple channels.

RCI Financial Services tried to fix a problem like this by sending out direct mail which would encourage existing customers to register and set up an account on their online portal.

6. Other Multichannel Approaches

There are other ways that you can engage with multiple channels for a B2B direct marketing campaign. Oracle did this with their B2B direct mail by sending a video-in-a-card. Essentially, it was a self-playing video and helped to generate a pipeline of more than £600,000 for the company.

7. Consider Envelope Optimisation

Envelope optimisation is a trick that we have talked about before, and it can work just as well with your B2B direct mail. Tetra Pak, a food and drinks packaging business, did this by allowing brands to print over the whole pack that they wanted to send. This is much different to your standard boring brown envelopes!

Included with this was a personalised leaflet, plus a link to a video online. The campaign enjoyed a 53% response rate.

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