Creating The Perfect Mailshot Campaign

Creating The Perfect Mailshot Campaign

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What is a Mailshot?

A mailshot is a direct marketing communication method where customers and prospects are contacted through postal communication; typical formats used are letters and postcards.

A mailshot is used to communicate a message to potentially a large group, most frequently mailshots are used to sell goods and services but can be used for other purposes too (e.g. political campaign, event notification, etc.)

Mailshots as a marketing concept are alive and well

Many Marketers have reported the death of mailshots and direct mail, due to new digital marketing methods. Mailshots are as relevant today as they have always been; here are some reasons to still use mailshots:

• Less mailbox competition; There’s much less competition in the mailbox than there used to be, therefore mailshots have more impact when there is less post to compete against
• People like receiving mailshots, here are some reasons why:
• Tangible – Recipients like something they can hold over and above e-mails
• 92% of mailshots are opened by the intended recipients, this is much higher than emails, which get deleted
• Mailshot ROI – A research survey showed an ROI of £3.22 per £1 spent, this is higher than other marketing channels
• Integrated marketing – Mailshots are even more effective at reinforcing a brand campaign when part of an integrated marketing approach, e.g. with a TV or radio advert
• Ease of tracking and monitoring – Provided the mailshot is set-up correctly it’s easy to track and monitor the results of a mailshot. The campaign should be set-up with unique telephone numbers, campaign specific website landing pages and perhaps even a unique PO box for postal responses

Cleanse Mailshot Data

As a part of the preparation process for a Mailshot all associated data should be cleansed. This is best practise, reasons to cleanse are:
• Less mailbox competition; There’s much less competition in the mailbox than there used to be, therefore mailshots have more impact when there is less post to compete against
• Improved customer service – Accurate data ensures correct addressing and also fewer goneaways, mailshots to deceased people and also to personnel who have moved roles
• Improved ROI – Mailing with incorrect data increases waste, avoiding this waste (mailshot and postage costs) naturally increases ROI
• More environmentally friendly – Less waste through data cleansing improves the carbon footprint and green credentials of a business

Mailshot writing tips

Now it’s clear that mailshots are as relevant as ever it’s time to write the mailshot. Here are some tips when writing a mailshot:
• Attention grabbing headlines – Start the mailshot with attention grabbing headlines
• Interesting content – Pack the mailshot with as much interesting content as possible
• Include incentives – Include special offers, discounts and vouchers which are only available through the mailshot
• Be clear – Clarity and avoid confusing is important, use these following tips:
o Be punchy – Avoid long passages of text, be punchy and to the point
o Simple English – Avoid jargon, write clear and easy to understand English
o Use images – A picture paints a thousand words, so include images
o Use colour – Stimulate the senses by adding colour throughout the mailshot
• Include technology – Use the latest in modern technology within mailshots:
o QR Codes – Insert QR Codes onto a mailshot to offer further information online when the QR code is clicked
o Near field communication – Click on the NFC code, which stores the offer to a digital device, this can then be used in-store to complete a purchase
o Augmented reality – Use augmented reality in a mailshot, when the recipient hovers over the AR image the mailshot is brought to life
• Clear call to action –
• Invite them to make contact – Make sure the recipient knows they are specifically invited to make contact
• Time constraints clarity – If there is a limited time to reply make sure this is clear
• Include contact details – It sounds obvious but include:
o Telephone Number – Landlord and Mobile (if applicable)
o Contact Address – Include an address for recipients to reply to
o Email Address – Include Email address(es) for recipients to reply to
o Social Media Profiles – Provide social media channel information so recipients can click onto these if they are of interest

Personalising a Mailshot

The best mailshots include elements of personalisation. Here are some examples:
• Customer Name – Rather than using “the occupier”, use their real name, e.g. “Mr Smith”
• Purchasing Behaviour, personalise the mailshot based on customers based buying habits (often from an eCommerce system) –
o Repeat purchase – Mailshot the customer to buy the product/service again (e.g. renew a magazine subscription; luxury products repeat purchase, etc.)
o Related products – Based on the purchase of product A, mailshot saying “you liked product A, therefore you might like to buy product B

Mailshot Materials, Shapes and Sizes

Now that the mailshot is written it’s important to use the best materials. Here are some tips:
• Focus on quality – An attention to quality will ensure the mailshot doesn’t immediately get thrown in the bin. Use the best materials for a mailshot
• Sensory integration – Materials can be bought which stimulate the senses, varnished or laminated finishes as well as blocks of foil can be used to great effect
• Making Your Mailshot Environmentally Friendly – There are various ways to make the mailshot more environmentally friendly, without exorbitant costs. These include:
o Environmental friendly accreditations. These will ensure the printer is operating in an environmental friendly way and using sustainable resources:
o ISO 14001 approved and
o FSC accredited
o Recycled paper (although this will cost more)
o Biodegradable envelopes
o Eco-friendly poly-wrapping. Using direct mail doesn’t mean abandoning your green principles
• Glossy print – Use high quality, rich in colour glossy print for mailshots. Nevertheless, this may not be practical for print runs where personalisation is required)
• Vary the shape – Most mailshots received will be to standard dimensions (e.g. A4/A5), varying the shape will interest the customer, e.g. (a Christmas tree at Christmas or a car shape if the mailshot is car related, etc.) Note: for cost reasons it’s important that all mail is sent out flat and within standard dimensions for postal bands
• Make use of colour – Think about the colour you use carefully, different colours will suit different mailshots. Full colour mailshots have been shown to increase response rates by 45%. Surveys show that up to 90% of customers are impacted by colours used

Mailshot Printing

The mailshot is now written and the required materials have been selected. It’s now time to print the mailshot; the decision needs to be taken as to whether to print in-house (within the business) or through an external print company:
• In-house (at the organisation) –This is not to be confused with small-scale office printing. Mailshot printing requires specialist printing equipment and will only be suitable for organisations with very large-scale print facilities. This is simply not an option for most organisations
• External printing company – All printing is completed outside the business by specialist printers who have access to a range of printers suited to the needs of the mailshot run

How to Save Money on Mailshots

Here are some cost saving tips to reduce the costs of mailshots:
• Bulk postage service – use a bulk postage service and save money off the cost of posting mailshots whilst receiving the same level of service
• Storage Space – As was said in the printing section, money can be saved off mailshot costs by outsourcing printing and therefore avoiding the use of storage space
• Packing and matching – Much work is required to pack and match large scale mailshots and by outsourcing this activity this cost can be avoided
• Mailing house consultancy – Seek the advice of a mailing house to save money on your mailshot across multiple areas (e.g. sizes/dimensions, postage bands, stationery and materials, etc.)

You are now ready to run the perfect Mailshot Campaign. Want to print, fulfil and post your campaign quickly, in the best possible price without compromising quality? That’s why we are here! Call us on 0800 612 1972 to discuss your requirements. 

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