Direct Mail – Perfect for B2B Lead Generation

Direct mail can be used for many different reasons, such as to complete a transaction with a customer, promote a new product, or offer invites to an event. But it is also a perfect tool for B2B lead generation too, and we’ve explained this in more detail below.

Importance of an integrated marketing approach

There are many different ways to help generate leads for your business, and it’s important to say from the outset that the most successful companies are the ones that generate leads from a number of sources.

It’s important that you and your business are taking an integrated approach when it comes to marketing and lead generation, to help you maximise the number of people that you are likely to appeal to. One survey, which asked businesses how many marketing channels they used, found that 40% of businesses used 5-7 avenues. If you’re only using one or two, you may find that you quickly fall behind this competition.

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B2B direct mail lead generation

Furthermore, there have been reports that more and more companies plan to incorporate B2B direct mail into their marketing campaigns, or some already have, and with great success. The CMO of Salesfusion, Malinda Wilkinson, said that her company enjoys 10% to 15% conversion rates with this avenue.

With average email open rates sitting at around 20%, and the click-through rates at only around 2%, this is an extremely high conversion rate. Further still, it was reported in 2012 that the response rate for direct mail, both B2B and B2C, was 4.4% for physical mail, and only 0.12% for emails.

Finally, it was found that while it may not cost much, or anything, to produce an email, the cost per lead for this medium sits at around £3 per lead more than for direct mail. Clearly, there are some extremely favourable stats for the use of mailshots with B2B lead generation, these underlying statistics will be particularly useful to use with B2B audiences.

Tips for your B2B mailshots

Using mailshots helps you to stand out from the competition, as the email and social media advertising space has become extremely crowded. You can be inventive with direct mail in ways that isn’t so easy with these other mediums to help generate more leads.

Consider optimising your envelopes, using eye-catching shapes, using foil printing or blocking, or engaging with those in a businesses’ other senses aside from sight.

Businesses get hundreds of cold emails every single day, and chances are they get easily lost or trashed. Physical mail, however, can be a great way to stand out among these hundreds of other pieces of marketing material.

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