Foil printing in direct mail

Foil Printing and Blocking in Direct Mail Campaigns

In News by Alan Horton

Many innovations in direct mail that we’ve witnessed in recent years have involved technology.

However, there have also been innovations in the more traditional areas too, changing the way that direct mail is printed. Below we have looked at one such innovation; foil printing and blocking in direct mail campaigns.

What is foil printing and blocking?

Foil printing has many names, including foil blocking, foil stamping, hot foil stamping, and foil application, but they all refer to the same process. Quite simply, foil printing is the process of applying a metallic or pigmented foil to your direct mail. A heated die is then used on top of this foil, making it a permanent fixture to the surface that you have printed on.

You will generally find two types of foil printing or foil blocking machines; manual stamping machines and pneumatic foil stamping machines.

What are the benefits of foil printing and blocking for direct mail campaigns?

So, now that you know more about what foil printing and blocking actually is, what are the benefits that this type of innovation can provide to direct mail campaigns?

Great marketing strategy

In the same way that you should look at ways to optimise your envelopes to draw in your receiver’s attention, you should be doing the same with the direct mail itself too. The foil can come in many colours and finishes, most often gold and silver, to really capture your reader’s gaze quickly.

You can use simply yet elegant designs, or more elaborate patterns to highlight premium offers, ensure your important content gets read, or simply to help your direct mail stand out from the rest.

Cost effective form of direct mail

You may think that shiny and expensive looking gold foil will incur a large cost for your direct mail campaign. You may be surprised to learn that this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Foil printing and blocking are cost-effective ways of pushing your direct mail campaign to a new level, all without breaking the bank.

A premium direct mail campaign

Regardless of the cost of foil printing, the elegant finish that it provides conveys a sense of your product or message being one of a premium value. Your customer will instantly associate your campaign with quality.

It will stimulate the reader to want to touch and engage with your direct mail, getting them one step closer to buying into whatever it is that you are selling.

Other innovation tactics for direct mail campaigns

There are many other tactics and techniques used for innovating a direct mail campaign, from including sample products to optimising your envelope. If you want to know more, simply give us a call on 0800 612 1972.


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