What approaches can we take to personalise our direct mail campaign?

A great way to get stuck in to direct mailing is to start a customer database and populate it with helpful, relevant data. By building data in this way, you’re gathering knowledge that can be used for a huge range of purposes.

Even the smallest of businesses have the ability to design well considered direct mail campaigns if they’re safe in the knowledge that they’re backed up by meaningful analysis of their target customers. You can even go further than just names and addresses by adding intelligent targeted graphics, layouts and promotions for each recipient. The possibilities for personalisation are endless!

Don’t assume the mailing needs to be bold and expensive

A simple postcard is a fantastic way to market your product or service. The trusty postcard will not be weeded out by an overzealous spam filter or quickly deleted at the touch of a button. Infact studies have shown that postcards are the most read or scanned printed mailer. Not only are they quick to read, they’re ideal for carrying short, punchy messages that people will remember.

Direct marketing using postcards is also very cheap in terms of postage, and its images and text can be made completely personal to the receiver. This, in turn, makes the potential customer feel more valued, and therefore more likely to be interested in finding out more. You can also combine your postcard with other media channels, such as your website, Facebook or Twitter, which in turn provides an essential way of tracking its response rate.

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Top tips to personalise effectively

Address the customer by name – The easiest way to personalise your direct mail campaigns is to go down your mailing list and include the names of each prospect on your mailings. People are far more likely to open a piece of mail if it has their name on it specifically, rather than something like ‘To the Occupier’. Don’t make them feel like they’re just a number in the crowd!

Include personalised product recommendations

Another great way to personalise your direct mail is to include personalised product recommendations. Use your existing customer and sales data to check customers’ most recent purchases and find products to compliment them.

Add some personalised images

Try to embed graphics which are targeted to purchases the recipient has made in the past. If your potential customers feel you ‘know’ them in this way, it can foster a sense that your business is actually interested in them. In return, this hopefully increases campaign response rates and therefore return on investment.

Special occasions

Has the customer already signed up online? If so, a well-timed piece of direct mailing around their birthday is ideal. Why not send them a voucher? If someone has been a loyal customer for a while, why not send them a free gift?

Exclude irrelevant content

A final way you can personalise your direct mailings is by eliminating unnecessary and irrelevant content. For example, there’s no point in trying to market a product to men which is exclusively aimed at women!

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