B2B Direct Mail Marketing Through a Mailing House

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Are you a business looking to conduct a B2B direct mail marketing campaign, but aren’t sure how to get started? While the preference would be to keep all campaigns in-house, sometimes this just simply isn’t wise, practical or cost-effective. This is where a mailing house comes in.

What is a mailing house?

A mailing house is:

“a company which arranges the large-scale dispatch of mail on behalf of other organisations.”

This involves everything from the conception of the original plan and strategy for a marketing campaign, right through to the printing, packaging and posting of the B2B direct mail pieces themselves.

In this regard, the name ‘mailing house’ can be slightly misleading. They do so much more than simply mailing, and can really help to take a direct mail marketing campaign to the next level. This all-round, holistic service that is offered is truly unique, as it takes a great deal of pressure off your business.

Looking to boost your marketing campaign? We’ve explained just some of the ways that a mailing house can help to do this below.


The key to any marketing campaign is a well-targeted, personalised message. A huge 98% of people feel that personalisation is important. Regardless of if you are sending mailshots to businesses or consumers, it’ll still be opened by an individual, and so you need to give them a reason to keep on reading!

Mailing houses are great for helping to add a personal touch to these campaigns. This is just one of the many tips, tricks and strategies up their sleeves.

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Expert knowledge

The reason they know what works with personalisation is thanks to the expert knowledge that they will have in the industry. We ourselves at bakergoodchild have been in the industry for many years, and have learned what works, and what doesn’t.

We’ve worked on plenty of campaigns in the past, both B2C and B2B. You can see some great examples of larger direct mail campaigns that have been conducted around the world here.

Get you the results you need

The aim of any marketing campaign is to achieve desired results. This may be increased brand awareness or direct business conversions. To help plan for this, it’s important that the right goals and KPIs are first put into place.

We, or any other mailing house, can help you to do this, as well as to calculate your ROI. Not only will this help you to measure the success of your B2B direct mail, but it will also help you to plan your next campaign too.

Are you ready to get started with your successful campaign?

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