B2B direct mail tips and strategies

B2B Direct Mail Tips, Ideas and Strategies

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It’s long been agreed that direct mail is an effective and worthwhile avenue to explore when looking to conduct a marketing campaign. But, as with any campaign, it’s crucial that it is targeted at the right people and in the right way.

B2B marketing is very different to B2C marketing, and you should consider using just some of these tips, ideas and strategies to help your campaign succeed.

Tips, ideas and strategies

Here are just some of our top tips for helping you to get ahead with your B2B direct mail.

Make it relevant and personal

Your mail needs to be as relevant to the business that you’re targeting as it is to consumers in B2C. Remember that although you’re targeting a business as a whole, you’ll still be sending your B2B direct mail to an individual.

With this in mind, do what you can to research who the most relevant individual is to your campaign. Think about what department you want to target, and always aim for as high as possible. You want to try and reach the key decision makers which will result in improved ROI!

Questions to ask yourself

To help personalise your mail, there are some questions that you can first ask yourself. Why should that business work with you? What can you offer that they can’t currently do themselves? And have you conveyed this succinctly in your mailshot?

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Set yourself goals

It’s important that you have a goal for this campaign. Is it brand awareness? Is it clicks or new signups? Or is it simply revenue? Have KPIs and goals which you can track. The results of this will help give you relevant data that you can use for future campaigns.

Consider a multichannel approach

Direct mail isn’t the only way to help your business stand out. We recommend considering combining it with other communication channels such as email and phone conversations too.

It has been found that around seven in 10 B2B buyers will view a video at some stage during the buying process. Have you considered combining your B2B direct mail campaign with a video?

For this, we have detailed a number of ways that you can integrate technology into your campaign. Perhaps supplying USB web keys or a unique website link which opens a video. A further use of providing unique links is that you can track how many clicks you have had – useful data for your next B2B campaign.

Looking for other ways to boost your campaign?

The above are just some of the tips and tricks that we help businesses to implement into their marketing strategy.

If you’re after some more advice for your B2B direct marketing and mail campaign, then perhaps consider looking at previous examples of successful campaigns or reading more on why a mailing house can help. Or, for any other questions you might have, you can find our contact details here.

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