The Benefits and Outcomes of Technology Adoption in Direct Mail Campaigns

It’s hard to talk about innovation in any industry in the past decade or so without talking about technology. Technology has, in some way or another, had an impact on every product and service that we see around the globe.

Whether it’s by increasing production in the manufacturing process, connecting the globe or marketing to customers in a new way, innovation and technology are two synonymous words. This same technological innovation has also had an impact on direct mail too.

Below we have looked into the technology direct mail campaigns have adopted, and what the benefits and outcomes this has shown.

How have direct mail campaigns adopted technology?

It may not be immediately obvious exactly how you can combine technology with pieces of paper and card that come through our doors, but you may be surprised at just how innovative direct mailing campaigns have become.

We’ve explored some of the technologies that have been utilised below, as well as their outcomes and benefits:

Augmented reality direct mail campaigns

Augmented reality is one of the most up-and-coming technologies on the market today. While it is a sister to the better-known virtual reality, augmented reality is in fact ahead of its sister, and is expected to have more commercial success.

This is because augmented reality doesn’t require users to strap on a headset and disengage with the real world; it’s the blending of the virtual world and reality. Savvy marketers have already thought of ways to use this technology, and you can incorporate augmented reality into your direct mail campaign too.

By creating an app that comes to life from your mail, your users can interact with your mail in new ways and gain new content. It will give you the added benefit of providing analytics back too.

Toyota noticed a 600% increase in app downloads once AR was introduced, and Moosejaw gained one million Twitter followers after they launched their own augmented reality experience.

Clickable paper and QR and PURL codes

Clickable paper and QR and PURL codes are another innovation that you’re likely to have seen all around. Clickable paper allows users to scan a page with their phone to launch a webpage, while QR and PURL codes are barcodes on a page that do the same thing.

QR Codes and Direct Mail

QR Codes and Direct Mail

In a similar way to augmented reality, these technological innovations will bring a direct mail campaign to life and allow users to interact with the content in new ways. By scanning the relevant codes, which can be highly personalised, users can be taken straight to content that suits them.

As well as opening web pages, scanning these codes can allow you to receive coupons, dial numbers, sign up for newsletters and send likes to social sites; there really is no limit on how interactive these can be!

98% of people feel that personalisation within a direct mail campaign is important, and this is just one way that you can do this.

There have been some great outcomes with this form of interactivity. Miami University noticed a 1466% increase in student recruitment when they used PURLS (yes, you read those figures right!), and L2 Inc saw their response rate rise from 1-3% to 9.4%.

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USB web keys in direct mail

Another innovative way that companies are using technology to their direct mail marketing advantage is by supplying USB web keys with their mail. Not only does it include an item within your mail, much like including sample products, which can add a nice touch, but you can use these to your advantage too.

You can preload the USB with information to quickly inform your reader and look to have them perform a particular action. Better still, you can personalise this information, which, as mentioned above, can have a huge impact.. It can allow you to track your return on investment, is inexpensive, and is intriguing for the recipient; they’ll want to follow you down the rabbit hole with this one!

USB in Direct Mail

USB in Direct Mail

Not so sure? One of the most successful outcomes to date of using this strategy was with Rolls Royce. By sending out 10,000 USBs in a direct mail campaign, they created a £5.9million sales pipeline as a result!

Using Google AdWords and Google Remarketing with your direct mail campaign

Two of Google’s most useful tools, Google AdWords and Google Remarketing, can also be used to take your direct mail campaign to the next level. It allows you to connect with people that have already visited your website by sending them a personalised PURL code using direct mail.

They’re more likely to convert, as they’ve already visited your website, and you can track analytics with URLs. This can be a successful route to take with your direct mail campaign, as 44% of recipients visited the corresponding website, and around 25% keep this form of direct mail for future reference.

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