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Clickable Paper and Digital Innovations are the New Future for Direct Mail

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Whilst many marketers still use direct mail to communicate with their audience, there is a great need for them to provide more than just words in modern day campaigns.

Direct Mail
New research from the Direct Marketing Association and Ricoh has shown that digital innovations such as ‘clickable paper’ can boost the relevancy and accountability of direct mail.

The research also found that organisations using direct mail services desire to send recipients online to their websites and web promotions. They are however unaware of the technological advances that can be used to do this.

When surveyed about “Which digital innovations could enhance the impact and effectiveness of a direct mail campaign”:

  • 98% felt personalisation is very important
  • 68% revealed image personalisation would enhance direct mail campaigns

The reality is that both of the innovations have been available in the direct mail industry for over a decade.

It seems that whilst clickable paper and other digital innovations are considered the future of direct mail, many companies are still yet to use them, as they are unaware they already exist. With this in mind, we thought we’d provide a quick overview of some of the technologies that can be used in direct mail today.

Making personalisation possible

Direct mail users can greatly benefit from personalising their direct mail . The more relevant it is to their customers, the more likely they are to make a conversion. Personalisation can be made possible through gathering sales information and tracking customers’ behaviour on your website through the use of personalised URLs. Technology can be used to get to know your customer so you can personalise your direct mail and provide them with more relevant offers.

Clickable paper

The concept of clickable paper is something that many people are interested in using in their direct mail campaigns, yet few seem to know that it already exists. Today brands can print their direct mail on specially designed paper, which when scanned with a device (equipped with a clickable paper app), takes the user online and provides them with more information.

Clickable paper isn’t the only technology that allows for this; QR codes, augmented reality and NFC also make direct mail interactive and able to provide users with more than simply what is on the page in front of them.


If you’ve thought of a great piece of technology that could benefit your direct mail campaigns, the truth is that it’s probably already out there! Keeping up with the latest innovations can be difficult but it’ll help to keep your direct mail campaigns leagues ahead of your competitors’.

For more information about digital innovations and how they can be used to improve direct mail campaigns, get in touch with Baker Goodchild today .

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