Augmented reality integrated with direct mail infographic

Augmented Reality Integrated with Direct Mail

Here we’ll explain all about Augmented Reality technology, how it can add some "pizzazz" and how it can benefit your direct mail marketing projects.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

AR stands for Augmented Reality and is an interactive tool that enables people to view 2d images in 3D, using their mobile devices. Providing users have an AR-enabled app on their smartphone, they can simply hover it over an AR image on a piece of direct mail and it will bring the image to life. Moving the device around will also enable the user to see a 360 degree view of the products and some brands also supplement their 3D images with sound effects and video content to further enhance the AR experience.

Increase buyer confidence

One of the benefits of using Augmented Reality in your direct mail campaigns is that it can help to increase consumers’ confidence in buying your products. Making a purchasing decision based on a product spec and 2d images can be difficult; however by providing them with 3d images and 360 degree views of your products, you stand a much better chance of them making a purchase.

Provide instant access to exciting content

Another benefit of Augmented Reality is that it makes it easier and more convenient for your prospects to access the extra content you want them to see. There’s no need for them to type a URL into their browsers; they can simply hover their device over the AR-enabled image and automatically connect to your content.

Improve tracking and testing

AR dramatically improves the measurability of direct mail campaigns when used in conjunction with an appropriate analytics tool. You will be able to find out various different information about your direct mail recipients such as how many go onto access your AR content and what device they are using. You will also be able to find out how long they spend viewing your AR content so you can get a better idea of its effectiveness.

All of this information will help you test and improve your direct mail campaign so you can maximise its ROI.

Give your direct mail campaigns the wow factor

AR will enable you to bring your products to life and share them with consumers in a way they have never experienced before. It will make your direct mail more interactive and create a deeper level of engagement that will encourage a response and make consumers more likely to complete your call to action, whether it’s buying a product or simply watching a promotional video.

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