B2B vs B2C Direct Marketing – the Differences

In a world full of buzzwords, abbreviations and acronyms, it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between one fancy marketing word and another (more on that here with our jargon buster). Two acronyms, however, that hold important value in the marketing world are B2B and B2C. While sharing many fundamental similarities, they also hold many differences too. We’ve explored these below.

We’re not so different, you and me!

Before we delve into the differences between B2B vs B2C direct marketing, we thought it would be important to first examine the similarities. For there are many!

Regardless of whether you are aiming for a consumer or a business, you will still be targeting an individual. It’s an individual who will open your direct mail, and decide whether to buy in as a customer or to put the idea to the board in a business. So many of the same basic marketing principles still apply.

You’ll still want to use similar campaign ideas, tips and strategies when it comes to designing your B2B direct mail. Consider things such as personalisation and targeted advertising.

The end goal of the campaign will still be similar too. You may have slightly different factors, but the campaign will still be about some form of ROI, whether it’s revenue, sign-ups, or something else entirely.

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What are the differences between B2B and B2C direct marketing?

But, there are of course also differences between B2B and B2C direct marketing.

The way you approach things will be different, and for varied reasons. Perhaps you will be targeting a whole customer base or maybe just your key accounts. These key accounts will typically bring in much more revenue than any of your customers, and so it might be a small campaign. One example we have previously examined targeted just the top 50 business accounts.

You may also find that your budget will be higher too. You may still be marketing to an individual, but this individual will likely pass on the direct mail to others in the organisation, so you do have to think about more than one person. And, this business will likely have a much higher spending power than a consumer will, so your ROI has the potential to be much higher.

Generally, it is also the case that a business-led decision is based on logic, with time and money savings being the priority. A consumer-led decision, on the other hand, is usually based on emotion. This means that the messaging and marketing behind the campaign will be different with B2B direct mail than it will with B2C direct mail.

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