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Direct Mail Glossary & Jargon Buster

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In this article, we define some of the most common direct mail technical terms and jargon.

Bulk Mail – sending large volumes of mail at reduced posting costs.

CMYK – an abbreviation for the four printing process colour inks – cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

CTA (Call To Action) – a piece of messaging on your mail that tells your customers what you want them to do next.

Database – a collection of personal information about customers and prospects such as names and addresses that you will use to post your mail.

Data Cleanse – removing or correcting the records in a database.

Digital Printing – a type of printing in which an image is sent directly to the printer using digital files and information.

Direct Mail – a method of marketing which involves sending commercial literature to customers and prospects through the post.

Direct Marketing – selling products or services directly to customers such as through physical marketing materials like direct mail.

Enclosing – inserting printed materials into an envelope.

Fulfilment – the process of preparing a direct mail campaign for collection.

Indicia – a pre-printed mark on a piece of mail that indicates the postage has been paid.

Inkjet – a method of printing where the ink is sprayed onto paper.

Lithography – a printing process in which an image is created using plates with areas that absorb or repel ink.

Mailing House – a company, such as bakergoodchild, that prepares and organises large scale dispatch of letters, packages, and parcels for delivery.

Mailing List – a list of names and addresses of people to whom the mailing material will be sent.

Mail Merge – merging two or more lists into one and removing any duplicates whilst doing so.

Mailshot – sending promotional material to a large number of people through mail.

Partially Addressed Mail – a standard addressed advertising mail product that identifies customers in households using geo-demographics at postcode level, without the use of personalised data.

Personalisation – using personal information such as a customer name in your direct mail to create individualised messages.

Polywrap – a clear wrap which can be used to enclose a mailing.

Postage – the cost of sending letters or parcels by post.

Print Bleed – colour or images running past the edge of a printed page.

Response Rate – a method of quantifying the success of a mailing campaign based on the number of sales vs the number of pieces mailed.

ROI (Return On Investment) – measures the performance of the campaign by calculating the return made compared to the cost of the investment.

Seed List – testing a piece of direct mail before it is sent to the full database.

Segmentation – dividing a mailing list into smaller groups by certain data such as location, demographic, interest, or buying patterns.

Self-Mailer – a direct mail piece that is designed with space for an address so that it can be sent without an envelope.

Split Test – A/B testing different variants of a campaign such as offers, text, images, or mailing dates to see which is most effective.

Transactional Mail – mail sent to complete a transaction with a customer.

Undeliverable – a piece of mail that is returned to the sender as undeliverable due to an incorrect name or address.

Variable Data Printing – a form of on-demand printing in which elements such as text and images can be altered from one piece to the next without stopping or slowing the printing process.

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