Eagle 30

Another first for bakergoodchild, as the company invests in American inkjet technology

In by Gunvinder Bhogal

Investment continues at bakergoodchild to further improve efficiency and capacity to handle larger volumes. The company has started the year in the same fashion as the last, with more investment in new print and mailing kit. Early this year, the company added to their printing capability, by being the first mailing house in the Midlands to purchase the new Xerox Iridesse digital press. With a positive start to 2019 seeing increased volumes of mail fulfilment jobs, bakergoodchild has now added the MCS Eagle 30 and a Falcon Inkjetter to their plant, which will help to improve the quality and speed of address printing, on various enclosing items.

The mailing house is now the first company in the UK to purchase the MCS inkjetter and they continue to pioneer the business, to establish themselves as a leading provider of print, mail and postage. Daran Hanson, Sales and Marketing Director of Promail commented “The personalisation and printing of data is common place within the direct mail industry. However, this is generally performed with older technology, this leaving not only the supplier of the printed piece, but also and more importantly their client, with poor quality print images and logos. bakergoodchild have identified the shortcomings of what has become the norm, by bringing in the very latest cutting-edge technology from MCS “America”, this in partnership with Promail Limited, Brackley, Northamptonshire. bakergoodchild can now offer their clients the perfect solution with the highest quality mail pieces. The MCS systems offer high speed, outstanding quality, large print width and economical ink costs that make the MCS Eagle 30 & Falcon solutions one of the most advanced inkjet systems for the mailing and printing industry.”

Daran Hanson further added “Promail are delighted to be working in partnership once again with bakergoodchild. Their forward thinking and scalability of having multiple solutions on-site and also offering diversity in what they can offer for traditional mailing pieces, through to utilising the MCS head technology on their wrapping lines, to give cleaner, crisper print that will be a new and unexpected advantage for their clients.”

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Inkjet technology continues to improve and is an attractive option for various industry requirements. Having the specification to handle high quality variable printing and becoming more economical to run, it is no wonder the industrial market of inkjet printing is set to grow at the rate 9.4% year-on-year. According to the latest market reports (ref: Smithers Pira) the inkjet printing industry as a whole will be worth $109 billion (£84.5 Bn ) in 2023 and vastly driven by packaging, books and commercial printing.

MCS has relationships with over 80% of U.S. mail manufacturing market and covers all product lines, not just inkjet i.e. inserters, tracking systems, etc and are looking to strengthen their position in Europe. Wesley Sinclair, Operations Director for bakergoodchild comments on his thoughts on the American Inkjets and how the investment will help The Eagle and Falcon system for me is a game changer on the way we currently print, the Eagle 30 can run at speeds of up to 4 times faster than our current printers, whilst maintaining quality. The software which drives the Eagle and Falcon system is easy to use and set up and can be used on multiple PC’s. The ink bottle doesn’t need to be changed for at least a million prints on the Eagle 30 (depending on what you are printing of course) and not forgetting the feeder which pretty much feeds most materials. Already my production staff are happy that they can produce work faster and better than before which gives me more time to utilize the staff elsewhere within production

With further investment planned this year, bakergoodchild are in confident mood in how printed mail is becoming a key component of their customers communication mix. Working closely with their customers, they are learning and helping businesses to get better at delivering physical mail in a virtual world. This approach has helped customers to improve return on investment (ROI) and has led to an increase in volume and high levels of customer retention.

With over a decade worth of experience in print, mail and post, the team at bakergoodchild will be at the B2B Marketing Expo on the 27th-28th March, at the Excel London. Adam Stafford, Sales Director at bakergoodchild will be presenting how companies should approach physical mail in a virtual world, at the event, on the 27th March. With more information on the new investments and advice with managing print, mail and postage, the team will be on stand 1730 to help.

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