Mail Merge and its use in Direct Mail

If you’ve been keeping up with some of the articles on our blog, you’ll know how important personalisation is to the success of a direct mail campaign. In fact, around 98% of customers believe that personalisation is important in the mailshots that they receive. Below we have explored one simple, yet effective, tactic you can use to add a personalised touch to your direct mail.

What is mail merge?

Mail merge is where you add the names and addresses of customers to your mailshots using your databases. It allows you to quickly have this important data placed upon each mailshot, no matter how many you plan to print.

It’s common sense that a piece of direct mail that is listed to “the occupier” or “the resident” is similar to spam; it’s simply been sent out with no regard for whether it may or may not actually appeal to the recipient.

By using someone’s name and address, the former of which is a well-known psychological sales trick, they are much more likely to think that you have personalised this piece for them and their interests.

If your direct mail is transactional mail, and your goal is to have this recipient convert into a paying customer, then failing to address them is going to leave you falling at the first hurdle.

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Making effective use of mail merge

Mail merge is the perfect tool to go hand-in-hand with variable data printing. Variable data printing allows for one printing setup to print multiple documents. This means that you can use your database of names and address with the variable data printing process, leaving you with personalised and ready-to-convert mailshots.

Mail merge is a tool that you will be extremely useful to you, provided that you have a well-structured database. Without accurate names and addresses, it doesn’t matter how big your database is. Gathering data is one thing, but ensuring that you constantly manage this data is just as crucially important, as you have to account for customers moving address or passing away.

Other ways to personalise your direct mail

Once you have personalised your direct mail with names and addresses, it’s important to think about other ways that you can capture your recipient’s attention. If they see their name, they’re likely to open the mailshot, but you need to keep that personalised feel throughout. Consider using personalised images, providing specific offers, or giving customers personalised URL codes, known as PURLs.

Adding that personal touch to your direct mail with bakergoodchild

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