Mailshot Printing for Direct Mail Campaigns

If you want your mailshot to stand out, you’ll need to make sure your printing is of the highest quality no matter how much mail your organisation is sending out.

Poor quality items will get dismissed as soon as they arrive through the letter box, so you’ll want to be certain that your mailshot looks like something which should be taken notice of. Although competition on the doormat has reduced in recent years, households have become more discerning and won’t open an envelope unless they are given very good reasons to.

Not everyone has the capacity or the facilities to print material for a mailshot but a Mailing House like bakergoodchild are on hand to help you out with your bulk printing needs.

The difficulties with printing in-house

If you normally manage your own printing you might naturally assume that you’ll handle all of your mailshot printing needs in-house, but it may not be as straight forward as you imagine.

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There are several different aspects which you need to make sure that you consider before tackling high volume printing internally within an organisation:

  • Glossy prints. If you normally only print standard letters you should check whether the printers you have can produce the kind of quality needed for glossy, high colour material (and don’t even consider sending any other kind of mailshot as it will end up as bin fodder instantly!) Printers which perform perfectly well for letter production may not have the right kind of set up to be able to create high quality prints suitable for a mailshot.
  • Volume. In some cases, your mailshot may be targeted towards an extremely large market, even if you’re sending it out in sections. Every printer has a certain recommended annual usage, so you will need to check to see if printing such a large quantity pushes it beyond its recommended function.
  • Capacity. Even if your printer is the right type to print high volumes of glossy colour prints, you will still need to consider how this is going to fit into business as usual. You will still to be able to access your printer for your business as usual needs, and this could be tricky if your printer is taken up during the working day. There is the possibility of running it out of hours, but then you’ll still need someone to supervise it, to unblock jams, or replace paper and ink if needed. Or alternatively you are likely to need to invest in a support contract, which may include out of hours callout cover.
  • Storage. If you don’t regularly store and send out large quantities of mail, you’ll need to free up some space where you can safely store the mail before it’s posted. Conversely, you’ll also need space to store the consumables, such as paper and ink, before you make the print run. Typical space may be a goods inwards department, but wherever the materials are stored for convenience this needs to be close to where printing will be undertaken.
  • Equipment space. Print equipment is often quite sizable and will need a dedicated space with atmospheric control within an organisation’s premises. Such space can be hard to find and costly when the costs of property per square foot are calculated. Outsourcing of print management frees all this space up and allows an organisation to allocate this building space to other important functions.
  • Investment capital. Large volume printers cost a heavy amount of up-front capital investment, which can be a struggle for many organisations to finance. Through using mailshot companies like bakergoodchild organisations can convert a capital cost to a revenue cost and also have the flexibility to use a diverse set of printers for future work rather than having to use the one previously purchased
  • Project management. It’s not easy to find staff who are experienced in high volume print management and when you do they don’t come cheap either! In scenarios where, internal print management have other day to day duties managing print runs can become stressful and sometimes print jobs can begin to suffer from a lack of focus. Working with a mailing house eliminates the need for internal project management as the entire project can be subcontracted to experienced, dedicated printing staff.

Using bakergoodchild

The above list is just a few of the factors which need to be considered when organising a print for a mailshot. To get the desired effect, it’s essential to have the material of the best possible quality which is guaranteed to catch the eye of the recipient.

Here at bakergoodchild as you’d expect from a direct mail agency we print right around the clock, handling up to 20 million items every year on behalf of our clients. And when you are working to a tight schedule and can’t afford for your printing to be delayed, you can rely on us to produce high quality material when you need it.

Contacting the bakergoodchild mailing house

We’re accredited by some of the leading organisations in the industry and on average we can usually save around 20% on printing costs for our clients. To find out how much we could save you, and how easy we could manage your printing, get in touch with the bakergoodchild direct mail agency today on 0800 612 1972. Visit our contact us page by clicking here .

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